Notification no. 05/2022 -Recruitment for IRMS through UPSC-CSE has been canceled & a separate “IRMS” exam will be conducted.

Finally, the government realized that the Indian Railways should be operated and managed by engineers only.

It is a great news for the engineering fraternity that the officials have retained their importance and have rescinded their decision to recruit Grade A officers through UPSC CSE only and now there will be a separate exam called IRMS examination will be conducted by UPSC.

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ESE Prelims 2023 Test Series by IES Master

Best Strategy to Attempt ESE Prelims 2023 Test Series

Engineering Services Exam judges the ability of the students in terms of applying their knowledge to each situation and checks your problem-solving ability through your knowledge. Retention of the subject matter is essential so that it can be displayed in the examination. The vastness of syllabus needs to be contained within the vicinity of your mind to reproduce in the answer-sheet. It is a universal fact that students now need to focus their attention on practice as we know that the exam is more a test of your practice than a test of your knowledge.

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