AICTE: Fix the Intent, and You Will Resolve the Employability Issue of Engineers

AICTE: Fix the Intent, and You Will Resolve the Employability Issue of Engineers

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, which is the apex regulatory body for technical education in India, has taken note of the dismal employable rate of engineering graduates in the country, and released new guidelines for technical institutions to increase the rate of employability after technical courses. As per the new guidelines that are going to come into effect from 1 July, 2017, there would be a revamped course syllabus across all the institutions in India. This new syllabus that includes the addition of some new subjects would ensure that the study material is industry-friendly and job-oriented.

The new study curriculum has been designed by the industry consultation committees of various technical institutions across the country. According to Dr MP Poonia, Vice Chairman, AICTE, “The new syllabus will bring uniformity in the curriculum in technical institutions throughout India. In addition, it will also ensure that technical graduates don’t simply get a degree, but are also employable.” Elaborating further, he said, “The revamped syllabus will be industry linked, and will make it mandatory for students to spend at least two months every year in an industry. For this, AICTE has tied up with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to give the required technical exposure to engineering students.” This step is definitely a right step in the direction to make sure that engineering students apart from getting a degree are also employable once they graduate.

In addition to imparting industry-specific skills among the engineering students, the revised and updated curriculum would also make sure that the students learn about various management skills. AICTE has also made it mandatory for technical institutions to begin the training of students from the very first day through an induction programme which would include improving their language skills and learning fundamentals of the subjects that they have opted for. AICTE has also made it mandatory for engineering institutes to search a suitable organisation or industry for the engineering students, and make sure that they undergo at least three to four internship programs of four to eight-week duration.

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Clearly the stress is on improving the quality of education on two fronts: One, making the students apply their knowledge, second, giving them the necessary skill sets for employability. IES Master, best coaching for ESE in Delhi, has long been working on to improve the quality of B.Tech graduates through its unique teaching methodology. The whole emphasis is on concept clarity and applied knowledge. Having engineering fundamentals strongly in place, students build upon capability to deliver on any challenge. Rather than they chasing jobs, they convert every problem into an opportunity, further creating opportunities for others.

In fact, IES Master, the best institute for ESE in Delhi, is working at a more fundamental level. Its research and development wing is actively engaged in producing best quality ESE exam preparation books. These books are there in the shelves of all the leading libraries of engineering colleges across the country. This has helped thousands of aspiring engineering minds fulfil their dreams.

ESE Exam preparation books of IES Master Publication are also available across all the major academic books distributors as well as across all the major e-commerce portals. This has gone a long way in empowering hard working deserving candidates, located in remote and isolated regions of the nation.

If this country has to transform from a developing nation to a developed nation, all the modern day problems have to be converted into opportunities. This needs engineers who have the vision, and are at the top of knowledge, fundamentals, and are willing to build their career in the service of the nation.

If New India has to see the reality of the day, it has to be on the back of engineers. Physical infrastructure is the backbone of modern day economy, meaning civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics, are at the very core of this transformation. As we move, at some point of time it is to be the indigenous technology that will be the engine of transformation. Whatever amount of technology you import, it is not going to travel you to the required distance.

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If India has to truly transform, it can only be quality education that can elevate it out of poverty. It is to be realised that there is more to simple job and employability equation vis-à-vis engineering graduates. Till the time you don’t build up this quintessential quotient into the minds of B.Tech students, it is very difficult to make them leaders, they will just be passive employees, which is undeserving of engineering minds of this country.

Clearly AICTE’s current measure to fix the employability problems of engineers is not a sufficient measure. Much more needs to be done, both at institution level and individual level. Any industry internship program, if made mandatory, is not going to go too far. We have seen good number of examples where people find out short cuts, and bypass such directions.

Involving teaching faculty, is indeed a novel way to get students motivated to excel. Making a right move in this direction, AICTE has given importance to training the teachers to further improve the quality of technical institutions. Keeping this in mind, AICTE has designed certain programmes for teachers in association with the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE). This training programme would be of three months duration for those teachers who have done their M.Tech.

Through its series of measures, AICTE is certainly trying to improve the employability of engineers. How far it succeeds, time will only tell. But, any improvement in teaching standards will surely boost the scope of technical education in this country. What remains important is the intent of engineering institutions, teachers, and students. If education remains just a business for the engineering colleges, and luxury for the students who can afford it, we are going nowhere.

So, it is this intent that remains the missing link in AICTE’s new guidelines for engineering institutions.
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