Best Strategy to Attempt ESE Prelims 2023 Test Series

Engineering Services Exam judges the ability of the students in terms of applying their knowledge to each situation and checks your problem-solving ability through your knowledge. Retention of the subject matter is essential so that it can be displayed in the examination. The vastness of syllabus needs to be contained within the vicinity of your mind to reproduce in the answer-sheet. It is a universal fact that students now need to focus their attention on practice as we know that the exam is more a test of your practice than a test of your knowledge.

Now, is the time where aspirants should get acquainted themselves with the pattern of exam and practice every topic religiously to conform with expectation of the examiner. Putting your knowledge to test should be a regular practice for students. As we discussed above that we need to showcase what we retained rather what we have studied. Testing yourself at a regular interval will act like a mirror for aspirants. IES Master ESE Prelims 2023 test series is designed meticulously to test your knowledge by including the questions of every type. It is a great study tool for aspirant to refine & channelize their study pattern. The test series are designed to test your knowledge sequentially through topic wise, subject wise, mixed subject and full-length tests

Here are few tips following which you can attempt test series in a best possible manner and be ready to showcase your practice in the exam.

  • Treat tests as final exams, so that you can have a psychological ambience which you will be getting in on the day of exam.
  • Book Time Slot for Online Test: Online Tests provide flexibility in the schedule. Create a plan and be ready with time slots to attempt each exam in a given time frame. Choose the time slot per day or per week depending on your other engagements.
  • Read out the instructions carefully and be clear with the requirements.
  • Go through the complete question paper twice before starting your attempt. Also, look for the question which are likewise you solved during your practice, if you get stumble across any, prioritize the same and solve it first.
  • Start with question in which no calculation needs to be done so that you can conserve your mental energy to cope up with the nervousness which students face when they see the question paper for the first time.
  • Learn the art of mining the questions amid the complete set. Do not try to solve each and every question but prefer those questions which are asked from the topics in which you are already thorough.
  • Take note of your mistakes and work on them religiously.
  • Always have a sound logic for choosing or leaving the options.
  • keep a track of your attempt ratio and accuracy ratio.

These tips are shared with you guys after discussing with various rankers, renowned faculty members. Especially tips from those who have achieved a marvelous result in any exam, are included in a simple language to give you the glimpses that how topper prepares. IES Master test series is a miniature version of an actual ESE exam and for over a decade now, it is helping aspirant in solidifying their attempt.
Some other things to be taken care off are as follows

  1. Do not give much attention to the score rather give attention to the concept clarity.
  2. Maintain a diary for mistakes and note down the reasons which forbids you in choosing the right option.
  3. Compare your performance with each attempted test.
  4. Bridge the knowledge gap, if you find any.

This blog is an attempt to enlighten candidates by necessary tips and tricks to attempt test series in a more efficient way.
Check out IES Master ESE Prelims 2023 offline test series:
Check out IES Master ESE Prelims 2023 Online Test Series:
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