CQPP – A Unique Program for ESE Aspirants

The date of Engineering Services (Main) Examination, 2017 (ESE Mains 2017) that is conducted by UPSC is getting closer as it is scheduled to take place on 14 May 2017. If you have cleared the second stage i.e. ESE (Prelims) 2017 then it is quite obvious that you might be getting anxious day by day as the ESE Mains exam date approaches. With around two months in hand, many of you might be in a dilemma not knowing from where to start their preparation for the ESE Mains exam.

UPSC aims to fill around 700 vacancies in the various departments of the Indian and state governments with the ESE 2017 exam. A student’s performance in the ESE Mains exam is given more weightage as it is of 600 marks. With 600 marks in stake, a student has to take the Mains exam very seriously and follow a carefully planned preparation strategy, with full attention on what is important from the examination point of view.

To help you make your progress to the third stage i.e. the personality test of ESE exam in a hassle-free manner, IES Master has designed a unique teaching methodology called CQPP (Conventional Question Practice Program).

The CQPP program has been bifurcated into:

1) Classroom Practice Program

2) Conventional Practice Test

The Classroom Practice Programis designed to help students in getting conceptual clarity on certain topics. In this program, the students are provided a booklet having two set of questions, each containing the concepts on which questions are generally being asked in the ESE Mains exam. By regular practice of the given questions, students can confidently solve all the questions asked in the exam. Of the two set of questions, one set is discussed in the classroom itself. While solving the questions, the students can clear their doubts in the class itself. The questions in the second set are meant for practicing at home by the students. Once all the questions are successfully solved by the students, a test is conducted.

Students who have registered for the Classroom Practice Program can also enrol themselves in the Conventional Practice Test Program where they are provided with a schedule of tests.In this program the students learn about new topics along with revising the topics that have been already covered by them. In each test, questions are asked based on certain important topics, and after one or two tests the topics that have already been covered, are again asked. This helpsstudents in revising the topics while moving forward with the preparation of all the subjects.

Along with these two programs, by taking the CQPP program the students can also benefit with the test and counselling sessions that help students in writing answers as per the standards set by the UPSC. The question selection ability of students also gets improved by taking the CQPP program. To cap it all, on completion of the CQPP program, the students become experts in accuracy and time management skills that are very important in cracking the ESE Mains exam.

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