ESE-2017 Mains Preparation Strategy by ESE Toppers

It’s the make or break stage in your quest to the top engineering jobs in the country. At stake are 600 marks, and if you do well here, there is no stopping even in the interview.

All the hardworking aspirants make it to this stage, and so from here the competition gets stiffer. However, the nature of the exam is such that hard work alone cannot guarantee success. What matters is the direction of your hard work.

To help students figure out their winning strategy, IES Master and its star performers Jatin Kumar (AIR – 1, C.E.) and Mohammad Idul Ahmed (AIR – 1, M.E.) shared their experience.

What worked for Jatin and Idul in ESE 2016 was the CQPP (Conventional Question Practice Program) of IES Master.

This program has been meticulously designed for you to have complete control of ESE 2017 Mains. It has two parts to it

1) Classroom Practice Program

2) Conventional Practice Test

The Classroom Practice Program is devised for those students who require a bit of conceptual clarity on certain topics. In this program you are provided with a booklet containing two set of questions, each involving all the concepts on which question are asked in the exam; in such a way that by practicing these questions only, again-and-again, you can be sure of solving all questions asked in the exam.

One set of questions will be discussed in the class, and you can raise your doubts on these questions and get it clarified in class itself. The second set will be for you to practice, at home. Once you have solved the questions, there will be a test on these topics.

You can also avail the Conventional Practice Test if you have taken admission in the Classroom Practice Program. Here you will be provided with a schedule of tests. The schedule will have new topics as well as revision topics. In each test, question will be asked based on certain important topics, and after one or two tests the topics that have already been covered, will again be asked. This facilitates you to keep revising topics and carry the whole subjects together, which is central to the nature of exam conducted by UPSC.

The test and counselling session helps you to figure out, how to write answers. It also helps you to work on your question selection ability. The discussion and practice session in a way builds up psychological endurance whereby improving your recalling ability under exam conditions.

Having acquired accuracy and time management skill there is nothing that can stop you from clearing ESE 2017 Mains with flying colours.

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