Bull’s Eye: Most of the ESE 2018 Prelims Paper-1 Questions from IES MASTER Study Materials

The ESE 2018 Prelims is over, and if you are a student of IES Master then you must have noticed that most of the questions that were asked in the exam are a direct lift from either the classroom study material or from the ESE preparation books of IES Master Publication.

Decoding the exam pattern and standards of UPSC is not an easy task. What seems to be a challenge for other institutes was a cake walk for IES Master. It is this accuracy in guessing the questions of a top competitive exam like ESE that makes IES Master stay ahead of other institutes. It’s not for the first time that IES Master has come so closer in guessing the questions.

In ESE 2017 Prelims also, IES Master proved its intellectual prowess in decoding and projecting the possibilities for students aspiring for ESE. Unlike others who make false claims to market themselves, IES Master believes and relies on working on its content and mentoring its students to do the talking.

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