ESE 2018 Topper (AIR-1, CE) Vinay Prakash Sharma Shares His Success Story

In this truly enthralling one-to-one with IES Master, Vinay Prakash Sharma, AIR 1 (CE), ESE-2018, reveals the real side of his success story and gives an insight into the major ingredients that go into the making of an ESE topper. 

IES Master: Vinay it’s a huge success, how was it received in your family? Who was the first person you informed in your family?
Vinay: Thank you so much. I informed my father first, and he was very happy. He couldn’t believe it. He was quite for a minute or so, and then I informed my mom, and she was also very happy. Afterwards, when my sisters came to know about this, they too were very happy.

IES Master: Tell us a little about your family.
Vinay: I come from a rural background, and my father is a farmer, and my mother is a housemaker. So it’s kind of a rural family that I come from.

IES Master: What inspired you to prepare for Engineering Services Exam?
Vinay: In my college, my seniors were already preparing for Engineering Services, and I knew that it gives a lot of scopes to enhance your knowledge in the field of technical experience. So, I also aspired to be an officer in Indian Railways.

IES Master: When did you start preparing for ESE?
Vinay: I started preparing in February 2016, during my third year, second semester.

IES Master: What was your preparation strategy? How did you plan out the entire syllabus?
Vinay: My preparation strategy was to, first of all, make comprehensive notes of all that I have studied by now. It all summed up into some 100 pages, and then I tried to summarise it, and summarise the formulae.
I kept making short notes of the formulas that I was writing, and which were hard to remember. I knew that formulae and the concepts were very important to remember. Those were the keys to success when repeatedly implemented in various questions of the previous year examinations module.

IES Master: How was IES Master Conventional Classroom Practice Program helpful to you in your ESE preparation?
Vinay: Conventional Classroom Practice Program was very helpful in my success as it was very well oriented, very well structured, and the classes I did under Conventional Classroom Practice Program helped me build speed and accuracy, and the doubts I raised were very much attended by the experienced faculty of this organisation, and well orientation of this course itself helped me a lot to get through this examination.

IES Master: How was your experience with IES Master faculty members?
Vinay: The faculty members during the Conventional Question Practice Program were very polite and very supportive. They didn’t hesitate in taking doubts in the class and out of the class.

Admission start session 2019 - 20

IES Master: Given the fact that ESE is an intensive exam, how did you manage to complete the entire syllabus well in time before the real exam?
Vinay: The entire syllabus is completed so many a times, but how much of it we capture is what matters. So to capture it in a comprehensive manner without leaving any loopholes is the real key to success. So if we can make sure that we cover everything, and we take everything that we understand only in the mind then only we can ensure that there is no doubt going to be left behind, and we can have success in the later part.

IES Master: What percentage of ESE 2018 Mains Paper-1 and Paper-2 were you able to attempt, respectively?
Vinay: In Paper-1, I was able to attempt more than 90%, and in Paper-2 I was able to attempt 100% of the questions. 588 I have attempted out of 600 so approximately… The effective attempt would be only known after the declaration of result that how much I got.

IES Master: How was it that you did so well in Paper-2?
Vinay: Paper-2 was theoretical part, and also a combination of theoretical and numerical part. I had practiced very well theoretical part as well, and the numerical part was already very well built. So I can say that the practice I got was very much helpful.

IES Master: How effective was IES Master study material in your preparation?
Vinay: I took help of study material at some points of time, and it was very helpful in giving some in-depth clarity in the concepts that I had already learned. I also covered some new topics through the study material which were added in the study material later. So that was very helpful.

IES Master: How did you fare in IES Master Test Series?
Vinay: In the IES Master Test Series I had always performed under 20 or 30.

Admission start session 2019 - 20

IES Master: Walk us through your interview experience. How was it at UPSC?
Vinay: My interaction with the Chairperson went very smoothly. So I think that would have fetched some marks in that area. I was not able to convey my knowledge properly to the first technical member. All the questions asked were very easy, but I somehow got stuck due to the confidence issue. Secondly, when I gained confidence with the passage of time, I answered very well about my B.Tech project to the second member, and to the third member I talked about Soil Mechanics that he asked. In the end, the Chairperson again asked some questions related to where I want to be after 20 years during Engineering Services. This was overall my interview experience.

IES Master: Which were the most difficult questions that you encountered during the interview?
Vinay: The most difficult question was that where do you want to see after 20 years because at this point in time no one is sure. Life is very much dynamic, and as is the career. So, I was not very sure, but as I guessed about how I want to see myself after 20 years at this point in time. Of course, that can change later, but at that particular time what I thought was my answer.

IES Master: You have been an excellent student here at IES Master. What would be your message to future aspirants?
Vinay: Follow your faculties regularly. Whatever they say is like ‘Pathhar ki lakir’ to you because they have picked it from lots of students who were very successful. They have been toppers in various examinations. So follow them, follow the study material, follow the test series, follow the Interview Guidance program, and it just not only depends upon the institute, it depends upon you. After all, it’s you only who has to decide how you want yourself to be, and how you want yourself to perform in examinations like Engineering Services and GATE.

IES Master: Vinay you have been an inspiration for many, thank you so much for sharing your success story. God bless you!
Vinay: Thank you so much.


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