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ESE 2019 Mains Result Out, Now It’s Time for ESE 2019 Interview Guidance

UPSC has announced the results of ESE 2019 Mains exam that was held on 30 June, 2019. A total of 1403 candidates have qualified the ESE Mains stage. A major chunk i.e. 647 of the qualified students are from Civil Engineering (CE) stream, whereas from Mechanical stream (ME), 261 candidates, from Electrical stream (EE) 245 candidates, and from Electronics stream (E&T), 250 candidates have qualified the ESE 2019 Mains stage.

All the ESE 2019 Mains qualified students are now required to fill the Detailed Application Form (DAF) that will be made available on the UPSC Website from 05 August, 2019 to 14 August, 2019 till 06.00 P.M. Non-submission of the DAF within this period will result in cancellation of the candidate by UPSC.

Now it’s time to prepare for the third and final phase of ESE 2019 i.e. the Personality Test or Interview phase, which is stipulated to be held from September, 2019 onwards. The exact date of interview will, however, be communicated to the qualified candidates through e-Summon Letter by UPSC. As the ESE interview stage carries a total of 200 marks, your performance in the interview can impact your ESE rank in the final list of ESE qualified candidates. According to past ESE toppers and the faculty at IES Master, one has to score more than 150 marks in the UPSC ESE interview to be among the list of ESE top rankers, and also to get the department of choice as filled in the Detailed Application Form (DAF).

To help all the ESE 2019 Mains qualified candidates take on this final stage with the required confidence, IES Master has come up with Interview Guidance Program. The prime objective of this program is to help ESE 2019 aspirants get rid of shyness and other negative personality traits. In addition, this program from IES Master will also touch upon various complicated mental and psychological aspects that are given due consideration by UPSC while preparing the final list of ESE 2019 qualified candidates. To help candidates do a self-analysis and leave behind their weaknesses, IES Master also video-record the mock interview sessions, and provide the recordings to candidates for self-analysis.

As the UPSC interview panel has no set pattern, one has to be prepared to face any type of questions during the interview. The questions may be asked to test a candidate’s basic or core technical knowledge, current affairs knowledge, or they can be based on a candidate’s personal profile. Therefore, the interview panel of IES Master includes renowned technical and psychological experts. Besides, candidates’ are also informed about the importance of the Detailed Application Form (DAF) as it is on the basis of this DAF that the interview panel members are going to ask questions. DAF should be filled very carefully, especially the departmental preference section.

Structure of IES Master ESE 2019 Interview Guidance Program

The Interview Guidance Program by IES Master for ESE 2019 includes three sessions:

  • Informal Interaction Session
  • Technical/PD/Current Affairs Session
  • Mock Interviews

Informal Interaction Session
During this session, candidates will come to know about the importance of Detailed Application Form i.e. the DAF, and how they should fill the DAF. This will save them from facing awkward questions while facing the real UPSC interview board. In this session, Mock Interviews are also conducted to find out the areas on which a candidate needs improvement. During the mock interview sessions, one-to-one informal interaction is made with the candidate, his doubts related to the filling of DAF are cleared, how to arrange their order of preference, which hobbies or achievements to mention in the DAF and handle questions related to them, discuss possible questions related to his professional experience, etc. In addition to all this, a brief discussion on the methodology to be adopted for interview preparation is also done. The best thing about IES Master Interview Guidance Program is that this session i.e. the Informal Interaction Session is FREE for all ESE 2019 Mains qualified students.

Technical/Personality Development/Current Affairs Session
In this session, the interview panel, which includes technical and psychological experts, analyse candidates’ weaknesses and psychological problems. They also analyse practical situations for interview requirements. The technical sessions are conducted under the expert guidance of Mr. Kanchan Kumar Thakur, who is an ex-IES officer and IIT Roorkee alumnus. The Personality Development and Current Affairs sessions are taken by experts to improve candidates’ level of confidence.

Mock Interviews Session
On the basis of Mock Interview sessions, a comprehensive feedback on personal attributes is provided to each candidate so that he or she can do a self-analysis. If a candidate wishes, video recording of the Mock Interviews sessions are also provided to candidates to know about their weaknesses, and overcome them.

Interview Guidance Program i.e. Informal One-to-One Interaction Session are starting from 10 and 11 August, 2019. Interested candidates can REGISTER NOW as there are limited seats for each session. To know more about the Interview Guidance Program, interested candidates can contact the IES Master Help Desk at 0 80100 09955, 0 97118 53908.

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