It’s a feeling every student can relate with, as he or she walks out of the exam hall, and everyone is starts discussing about the exam. You join the conversation if it went fairly well, or you avoid all discussion if it is a disaster that just happened in the exam hall. Whatever had happened is past now. It is time now to get a legitimate feedback for your efforts that you had invested in the exam hall, and legitimacy can be evaluated only by looking at the solutions of the questions that were asked by UPSC in the exam.

We understand that by this time some students must have calculated their marks and arrived at a conclusion whereas there might be some who might be waiting for the authentic solutions from any reliable source. The right approach is to look for the authentic solutions of the questions asked by UPSC in ESE 2019 Mains.

IES Master has always lived up to the expectation of students by providing specific solutions by specifying the problems. Problems have many faces, and it is generic in nature. But specifications is what is required when you have written an exam like UPSC. Deciphering the message of UPSC expectations from this year’s aspirants is a herculean task, and like every time this time also IES Master has succeeded in doing the same as IES Master’s answers keys and detailed solutions are the most authentic source. The UPSC ESE 2019 Mains Detailed Solutions are prepared by the most experienced faculty and content team at IES Master. So, best wishes and get ready to evaluate yourself.

Download the solutions of UPSC ESE Mains 2019

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