ESE Mains 2017 New Exam Pattern: No More Separate Answer Sheet

ESE Mains 2017 New Exam Pattern: No More Separate Answer Sheet

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the exam conducting body, has come up with a major update related to the upcoming Engineering Services (Main) Exam 2017 (ESE Mains 2017). Candidates, who are going to write the ESE Mains 2017 exam that is scheduled to be held on 14 May, 2017 can find below the details of the update.

As per this latest development, candidates appearing in the ESE Mains 2017 exam would now be provided with a Consolidated Question Paper-cum-Answer Book (CQPB), having space below each part or sub-part of a question instead of separate question paper and answer book. In other words, with this update, the candidates writing the ESE Mains 2017 would now have to write answer to the part or sub-part of a question strictly within the pre-defined space. If a candidate attempt outside the pre-defined space then it would not be evaluated .

It means that candidates now have to be extra vigilant while writing the answers as any striking or scratching of sentences or paragraphs would result into loss of important space meant for writing answer. Even candidates short of space for writing answers to questions would not be provided any extra supplementary sheet for the same.

Also, candidates would now not be permitted to take the question paper along with them out of the examination hall after finishing the exam.

Here is what the official notification from UPSC has to say regarding the change in ESE Main 2017 exam:

“Candidates should note that instead of separate Question Paper and Answer Book, a consolidated Question-cum-Answer Booklet (QCAB) having space below each part/sub part of a question shall be provided to them for writing the answers for the examinations mentioned above. Candidates shall be required to attempt answer to the part/sub-part of a question strictly within the pre-defined space. Any attempt outside the pre-defined space shall not be evaluated.”

Get into the mode of QCAB with IES Master Conventional Question Practice Test (CQPT)
The ongoing Conventional Question Practice Program (CQPP) in online and offline modes by IES Master has encapsulated this latest development (QCAB) by UPSC for ESE 2017 Mains. To get into this new mode of answering questions, candidates can enrol themselves at IES Master and train themselves into structuring their responses within the restricted space.

Though this development at first glance looks minor, but under the pressure cooker situation of exam hall, this change is bound to have a major psychological impact as lack of practice can result in loss of precious time and space.

The CQPT program by IES Master can help candidates have a massive edge over other competitors. It will also enable candidates get rid of unnecessary worries and speculations.With hardly any time left for writing ESE 2017 Mains, candidates are recommended to avail CQPT at the earliest.

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