GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-11, CE) Mukesh Lamrod Shares His Success Story

Hey, I am Mukesh Lamrod. I secured AIR-11 in GATE 2019 from Civil Engineering branch. I have done my B.Tech from MBM Jodhpur in 2018. The best thing here at IES Master is the study material. There are no mistakes. By studying it, you would not feel that you should study any other book. It covers the entire syllabus of GATE and ESE.

  1. What were your marks in GATE 2019?
    My marks were 81.38.
  2. Walk us through that very special moment when you came to know that you secured AIR-11 in GATE 2019?
    At that time, I was in Gurugram, and I received a message from one of my friends that the result of GATE 2019 has been announced. I asked him about his rank, and he said first you check yours and tell. I said that I have secured AIR-11. I have predicted that I might secure this rank. The main task for which I came here at IES Master in Delhi has been accomplished.
  3. Give us an insight into the two sections of GATE, how were they different from previous year’s?
    I first started with the technical paper, and completed it in one hour and 45 minutes. Then I took the non-tech paper. I committed a silly mistake in that paper. Rest the paper was moderate. English part was also normal. Technical part was a bit hard, but not much hard.
  4. Tell us about your family.
    I belong to a farmer family from Nagaur, Rajasthan. My father is a farmer, and mother is home maker.
  5. Is GATE popular in your village?
    No, but now it has become popular.
  6. Tell us about your schooling.
    I studied up to 9th standard in my village, and I never thought that I would become an engineer. For matriculation, my family sent me to Jodhpur for studies. I said it would not be possible for me to study while staying away from home, whatever you want to do I can do while staying here only. But I was sent forcefully, and secured 62.33% in matriculation from Rajasthan Board.
    Then family members asked me about my choice of stream after matriculation. I took Biology for some time and then took Maths, and spent two months like that. I thought that both the subjects are going above my head then what is the point in taking any of these subjects, but my family members said that you have no other option apart from these two subjects. So I took Maths. My brother was running a coaching for IIT, and I was admitted in it. But still I kept on scoring low grades. In the tests, I used to rank second or third from the bottom. In this way somehow 11th standard was completed.
    When I was in 11th standard, a guy from my village, who was in 12th standard at that time, failed. I thought that may be next year it would be my turn, and it would become a matter of insult so I thought of getting serious. I became a bit serious in 12th standard, and scored 72%. After 12th my target was IIT.
    Later I could not get Civil Engineering branch in IIT as my rank was not so good in JEE, so I got admission in MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur.
    In college also I got five backs in the first year, three backs in first semester and two backs in second semester. Then I asked my seniors for guidance. They asked me about my interest, I said that civil engineering. Then they informed me about GATE through which we can go into PSUs. Then I started preparing for GATE in the final year.
  7. While studying at MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, how did you come to know about GATE?
    I came to know about GATE through one of my seniors Sunil Suttar, who secured AIR-22 in GATE. He took IES Master’s postal study program and had also joined IES Master’s test series. He asked me to do the same. So I joined IES Master’s postal study program and enrolled for the test series during the final year of my B.Tech. But as I had studied on my own for GATE during the final year, I could not secure a good GATE rank. My rank was 834. Then my senior told me to take admission in IIT for M.Tech, but I rejected the idea of joining IIT.
  8. How was your experience in IES Master classroom?
    When I went to my first class, Kanchan Sir was teaching SOM. I had heard a lot about Kanchan Sir. I was surprised to see that how can a person of his calibre so simple. More than IES Master, Kanchan Sir’s name is more popular. Initially I was not able to cope up with him, but then caught up with him. I felt good that I secured AIR-11 due to Kanchan Sir’s motivation.
  9. Give us an insight into your study schedule.
    I used to study 5-6 hours daily on a regular basis in addition to attending the coaching classes. In the evening, I used to go to library after the coaching classes. First of all, I used to study only those subjects that were taught in the classroom by Kanchan Sir. Later when the ESE Prelims Test Series started then I studied according to it.
  10. There are some subjects in which students generally face difficulty. For instance, Design, Structure Analysis, RCC, Steel Structure, Environment, etc. Was there any specific strategy to deal with these subjects?
    RCC was taught so well by Ghanshyam Sir that no matter from where any question is asked, you would not face any problem. Environment too was taught very well by Kanchan Sir, so there was no need of worrying about it.
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  11. How did IES Master Test Series help you during your preparation?
    While writing the test series, almost all the questions were covered. There would not be any question except a couple of questions that were there in test series, and came in the real GATE also.
  12. What points you kept in mind while preparing short notes?
    I did not prepare any short notes. Writing test series itself was like preparing short notes for me. If I ever feel like revising any subject, I used to take the test series of that particular subject, and it was covered.
  13. A day before the exam, and on the day of the exam, how did you manage your anxiety level?
    I stopped studying five days before the day of the exam, and just chilled along with my friends. On the day of exam, I even attended one of my friends’ wedding in Sikar as my exam centre too was in Sikar.
  14. Now with this GATE rank, what are your future plans?
    I will join DDA, and I hope that I would qualify ESE also.
  15. You are enrolled here at IES Master for Conventional Question Practice Program. How did you find it?
    It is going good, most of my subjects have been covered. A few subjects of Kanchan Sir are remaining, I am hoping of a good ranking in ESE as well.
  16. What would be your message to your juniors from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur?
    I would like to say to them that without giving any second thought join the classroom program of IES Master the moment you complete your B.Tech. The study material of IES Master is the best, and if the same study material is taught in the classroom then there cannot be any coaching better than it. The expertise of Kanchan Sir, Ankit sir, and Ghanshyam Sir in their respective subjects is so good that a student taught by them will always remember them.
  17. How would you remember IES Master?
    Whenever I would come across any teacher, it would remind me of Kanchan Sir as my mentor. I will miss Kanchan Sir. If I would have to prepare for any exam again in the future, I have to join IES Master again for the teaching of Kanchan Sir. It would not be possible for me to study again without him.
  18. If you are asked to describe IES Master in one word, how would you describe it?
  19. You are an excellent student here at IES Master. You are one amongst the various gems IES Master has produced. We are proud of you. God bless you!
    Thank you, sir.

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