GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-14, CE) Shriram Kushwaha Shares His Success Story

Hello guys, myself Shriram Kushwaha. I have secured AIR-14 in GATE 2019. I did my B.Tech from IIT Guwahati. I have taken Classroom Program of IES Master. The environment inside the class was too competitive, and the teachers were very supportive. No matter how big or small your doubt would be, they cleared all our doubts.

  1. What were your marks in GATE 2019?
    My marks in GATE 2019 were 81.16, and my GATE score is 948.
  2. What helped you secure such a good GATE rank?
    To remain motivated always during your preparation, without allowing the negative thoughts to come in your mind. Always be positive, and prepare for the exam with this positive attitude. Plan accordingly, make daily goals, and achieve those goals. I did the same, and this helped me achieve this feat.
  3. Take us through that moment when you shared this information with your family members, and what was their reaction
    When the result was announced, I was in Bhopal along with one of my friends. I received a call from one of my friends informing about the announcement of GATE 2019 result. After checking the result, I first called my father. He was very happy on hearing about my achievement. He asked me to share this happiness with my friends by distributing sweets. On hearing about my result, there was a happy environment at my home also.
  4. How different was this year’s GATE paper in comparison to previous years’?
    This year’s GATE paper was a bit better than the last couple of GATE papers. Earlier too many direct formula based questions used to come, but this time the paper included concept based questions. My approach to solve the GATE paper was to first solve simple questions, and then attempt the questions that were left in the first attempt. I marked this strategy on the question booklet, and attempted the most difficult questions in the last. In other words, I solved the paper in three steps. First, I attempted the easy to solve questions. Second, I attempted the questions that were easy but lengthy, and then finally, I solved the questions that were conceptual based.
  5. Tell us about your journey from IIT Guwahati to IES Master. How did you come to know about IES Master, and when you started preparing for GATE 2019?
    When I was in the final semester of my B.Tech, I thought about my post B.Tech plans. Through some of my batch mates who were preparing for GATE, I come to know about IES Master as they had taken the Postal Study Program of IES Master. I checked the content of study material of the postal program, and I found it very good. At that very moment, I made up my mind to join IES Master after completing B.Tech.
  6. Which study program of IES Master you joined?
    I joined the classroom program of IES Master.
  7. Tell us about your family.
    My father is a primary teacher. My brother runs his own small scale business, and my mother is a home maker.
  8. Tell us a little about your city.
    I come from a small village that comes under Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh.
  9. Tell us a little about your schooling.
    I completed my schooling from Rewa, and then later I did my B.Tech from IIT Guwahati. Studying at IIT Guwahati was a golden phase of my life.
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  10. What was your study schedule?
    It was my daily goal to practice questions of the subject that was being taught on any particular day, and also revise that subject. Once I have covered a part of the syllabus then my objective was to keep fresh in mind the subjects that had been covered by revising them.
  11. How did you prepare short notes, and what was the role of IES Master Study Material in it?
    While preparing notes, I kept in mind that it includes all the important concepts and formulas that generally come in the exam. Also, if I come across any new formula in the test series then also I used to include it in my short notes. In this way, just by referring my short notes I was able to revise the entire syllabus.
  12. In the test series of IES Master, what used to be your rankings?
    My rank used to be average, not much good, and not much bad. It used to be around 50-60. To achieve good rank, one must focus on his accuracy level. Try to commit fewer mistakes. The same I did in the final exam.
  13. There are highs, and sometimes there are lows during preparation. What kept you motivated in such conditions?
    Whenever I felt low, I used to speak to my parents or my friends. Whenever I spoke to my parents, they always used to say that I need not to worry. Study again, and give your best next time. So, I never felt depressed. There was always morale support from my family. I was focussed towards my goal, and always kept in mind that bad days are never forever.
  14. With this GATE ranking, what you have in your mind PSU, ESE, Civil Services, or you have something else in your mind?
    Actually my goal is IES, and after GATE there are many PSU options. Now I would write the ESE Mains paper, and then accordingly I would plan my next course of action.
  15. How did you prepare yourself a day before the exam?
    Generally most of students revise everything a day before the exam. In my opinion, one needs a sound sleep a day before any exam.
  16. What was your strategy in regard to negative marking?
    GATE now has more numerical based questions. So there is less probability of negative marking. So, I made a point to solve the objective questions with utmost care to avoid negative marking.
  17. What would be your message to other GATE aspirants and your juniors from IIT Guwahati?
    Students of IIT Guwahati are too much inclined towards GATE and ESE, and the B.Tech syllabus is quite similar to that of GATE and ESE. My advice to all the students would be to not take their semester syllabus lightly, and never lose their faith. Always stay motivated. To all future aspirants, I would like to say that everyone can crack GATE with good rank. If I can do it, anyone can do it. The only thing they need to take care of is to take all the test series seriously, and once they have taken the test series, do a self evaluation to determine your mistakes, and improvise. Once you do this, you can easily get a good GATE rank.
  18. It’s a pleasure talking to you. It’s so nice of you that you gave us time. Thank you so much.
    Thank you, sir.

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