GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-7, CE) Shreyans Mehta Shares His Success Story

Hello friends, I am Shreyans Mehta. I have secured AIR-7 in GATE 2019. I did my B.Tech from College of Engineering, Udaipur. I was a part of IES Master Regular Classroom Program, and currently I am pursuing Conventional Question Practice Program. I find Kanchan Sir, Ghanshyam Sir, Ankit Sir, and Ayush Sir simply amazing.

  1. Take us through that moment when you got to know about the result?
    I was waiting for the result since 2 O’ Clock as I was expecting the result, but the result came out at 5 PM. I was expecting my rank under 20 but it was awesome to know that I have achieved AIR-7. I got congratulations from my family and friends, everyone who had supported me. And, I want to say thanks to everyone.
  2. When did you start preparing for GATE?
    In the final year of my college, I started my preparation. I planned it earlier, but I could not begin my preparation that time. Then I took coaching in the final year of my college. After this I continued, and I got AIR-281 in my final year.
  3. How did you get to know about IES Master?
    My brother was a student of IES Master. He cleared ESE in his first attempt, and he wanted me to take admission here.
  4. What were your marks in GATE 2018?
    I scored 83 marks in GATE 2018, and secured AIR-51.
  5. What were your marks in GATE 2019?
    My marks were 82.15. My GATE score was 959, and I secured AIR-7 in GATE 2019.
  6. Which program were you a part of here at IES Master?
    I took Regular Classroom. I was from RM-03 batch of 2017-18 session.
  7. How was your experience with IES Master classroom program?
    Before coming here, I somehow knew about IES Master because my brother was also a part of IES Master classroom. My experience here was very good. IES Master has a thorough approach. In the classrooms, each and every student is given proper attention despite there being so many students. The teachers are very helpful. Even though we ask our doubts in between the class, the doubts are cleared very well. The response of teachers is very good. Concept building is done in a very good manner. The pace at which subjects are taught is very appropriate and suitable.
  8. How was this year’s GATE paper compared to previous year’s?
    This year the paper was quite different from the pattern which GATE follows. It was a little bit tough. The first set was tougher than the second set. My paper was from set-2.
  9. How was the part-1 of your GATE 2019 paper?
    Generally Mathematics is of 15 marks, but this year it was less about 7 to 8 marks in both Set-1 and Set-2.  But in Set-2, the Mathematics questions were quite easier as compared to Set-1. Talking about Aptitude, it comes generally easy, and this year too it was easy. Looking at the English part, the level of questions was a bit higher when compared to the previous years’ papers.
  10. Take us through the technical part.
    The technical part is generally divided into 1-mark and 2-mark questions. The 1-mark questions were simple and easy. Talking about 2-marks questions, the numerical type (NAT) questions were tougher as compared to non-NAT questions in which options were available. I think this year’s paper was tougher than the previous years.
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  11. What was your overall strategy with regard to GATE 2019?
    Starting from the concept building which was already done in IES Master classrooms, I used to solve conventional questions that were provided in the classrooms. Solving those questions cleared all my concepts, and they gave me an approach to solve questions. Then I used to solve previous years’ questions to judge that I have covered all the parts. I think that the notes provided to us in the classrooms were good enough. After doing previous years’ papers, if I come across any new question, which was very rare, I used to solve them there only, and I used to learn from them there only. After that I used to go for subject-wise tests. I used to analyse them very properly because test series is very important for GATE preparation. Knowledge is an important part, but producing it is much more important than just having it. Test series was very important. I used to give tests, and analyse my mistakes, and reduce my errors and improve my accuracy because in GATE, it’s all about accuracy.
  12. What was your rank in test series generally?
    I used to be in top-20 for most of the tests. In some of the tests, I didn’t perform very well but in most of the tests I used to be in top-20 students. In some of the tests, I even secured rank 1 and 2.
  13. How did you go about preparing short notes?
    I used to solve previous years. After my first revision, I went ahead with a simple approach focussing on the part important in GATE, and then the part tough to remember, and finally the parts that are to be revised. Keeping all these things in mind, I used to confine the notes as much as I can. After giving tests, if I came across any new concepts then I used to incorporate them in my notes.
  14. Tell us about your daily schedule.
    It wasn’t fixed, but generally I used to study for 7-8 hours as I was free from college, and I have to study only. There were only two main things, sleeping and studying, apart from other basic things. Most of the time, I used to study only. It wasn’t fixed that I have to study for 10 hours or 8 hours. Some days it was 3-4 hours and some days 6-8 hours.
  15. What kept you motivated during your preparation?
    When I used to give test series, sometimes I scored very low and felt de-motivated, but my elder brother, who is my idol, very much helped me in keeping me motivated. I used to call him and talk to him for hours. I think that everyone should have someone to talk and take guidance from. My brother was my motivation.
  16. Tell us a little about IES Master study material.
    IES Master study material is very consolidated and very confined, and it is very relevant to all the competitive exams, and the language is very much easy to build your basics and to go for toughest to toughest questions.
  17. What about the doubt clearing session here at IES Master?
    Whatever the level of your doubt is, it is given equal preference. No matter what is the level of your doubt, it is cleared in a very good way. The teachers here help a lot in clearing your doubts.
  18. It is a general perception that GATE is getting tough with every passing year. Is it so?
    No, I don’t think so because this year GATE was conducted by IIT Madras, and it’s a general perception that the paper set by IIT Madras is a bit tougher. I don’t think it is getting tougher because last year the paper was very easy. The pattern is same. The paper comes easy. You just have to work on your accuracy.
    I would say for GATE, there are selective things that you have to study. You don’t have to cover a lot of things for GATE. Apart from that, you have to practice questions a lot. There are very selected and limited type of questions asked in GATE so I think you must practice those questions very well. Also, you should solve the previous year book at least two to three times to get a good rank. In the end, I would say all the very best.
  19. Share some tips to improve accuracy.
    For improving accuracy, test series plays an important role. Each student commits different mistakes, there is no such tip. I think he should judge from the test series only that what types of mistakes he is committing, and by taking required steps he can reduce those errors.
  20. What was your strategy for the day of exam and the day before it?
    Students generally prepare notes of 15-20 pages, and try to mug up those pages. But I left all my books and notebooks a day before the exam because my brother asked me not to look at my notes, and I followed his instructions only. This helped me to be confident, calm and composed during the paper.
  21. What would be your priorities after GATE, PSUs or higher studies?
    I am planning to apply for PSUs, and getting into any of the top PSUs but my top priority for this year is to get into Engineering Services. Keeping my options open, I would prefer PSUs.
  22. Are you a part of IES Master Conventional Question Classroom Practice Program?
    Yes sir.
  23. Tell us a little about IES Master Conventional Question Practice Program.
    Basically during CQPP, students are required to solve a book which includes every single subject. The book is very consolidated, and one can find every type of question in that book. I think that it is a must for any student preparing for ESE Mains.
  24. Tell us a little about your college.
    I am from College of Technology and Engineering Udaipur, which is a government college and talking about the environment of GATE and ESE, I think that specifically about our Civil Engineering department it’s not much there like other colleges. Students usually don’t prepare for GATE, and most of them want to go into private sector or placed somewhere. I think GATE and other competitive exams are very necessary, and whatever the environment is I think they must apply for GATE and ESE.
  25. What would be your message to your college juniors?
    I will say if I have done it, you can also. It’s very easy. You just have to dream big, you just have to work hard, and you can easily do it, and please dream big.
  26. Tell us about your schooling.
    I have done my sixth to twelfth class schooling from Central Academy Jodhpur.
  27. Tell us a little about your family.
    I belong to Jodhpur. In my family, I have two elder brothers, my mother, my father, and my grandmother. My father is a businessman along with one of my elder brothers. My eldest brother is Assistant Garrison Engineer in Military Engineering Services (MES).
  28. You have been an excellent student here at IES Master. We thank you so much for giving us time, and for sharing your experience. God bless you!
    Thank you sir, it’s an honour.

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