GATE 2024 Response Sheets and Rank Predictor

gate 2024 response sheet and rank predictor

GATE 2024 exams are just over and as per GATE 2024 website Institute of Science, Bangalore will release GATE 2024 Response Sheet on February 16, 2024. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering candidates’ responses will be available on the official website of IISC GATE at The exam is highly competitive examination and it holds lot of importance in the life of an aspirants who aspire to build a career through PSUs, as it serves as a gateway for admissions to postgraduate programs like M. Tech, M.E., or direct Ph.D. in reputed institutions like IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other prestigious universities, as well as for lucrative job opportunities in the public sector undertakings (PSUs).

Each year, after the GATE examination is conducted and candidates eagerly await their results to assess their performance and plan their next steps accordingly. During this waiting period, various tools and resources become handy in predicting one’s potential rank and aiding in decision-making processes.

GATE 2024 Response Sheet:

After the GATE examination is conducted, the organizing institute releases the response sheets of the candidates. The response sheet contains the answers marked by the candidate for each question asked in the exam. This allows candidates to compare their marked answers with the correct answers and evaluate their performance. It helps in identifying the areas where they performed well and areas needing improvement.

The response sheet also provides transparency in the evaluation process, allowing candidates to verify the correctness of their marked answers against the official answer key released later. This ensures fairness and accuracy in the evaluation process. The same is supposed to be released on 16th February, 2024 and so far, candidates have been expecting their score on memory-based questions which doesn’t reflect the accurate analysis of the questions. There is one more huge benefit which is available for candidates once they get the response sheet with them which is they can predict their rank through IES Master’s GATE Rank predictor. 

IES Master’s GATE Rank Predictor:

IES Master provides a GATE rank predictor tool to assist candidates in estimating their GATE rank based on their performance in the examination. The rank predictor uses various factors such as difficulty level of the paper, number of candidates appearing for the exam, and previous year’s data to predict the rank of the candidate.

The rank predictor helps candidates in understanding their relative performance compared to other candidates and provides them with an idea of their chances of securing admission in their desired institutes or obtaining job opportunities in PSUs.

Predict your rank now: (GATE Rank Predictor’s Link)

Predict your rank using IES Master GATE 2024 Rank predictor:

Step1: Login to your GATE-2024 Application Portal by clicking Enter your Enrollment ID / Email Address, Password, and the required fields as mentioned below. then click on the “Submit” button.

Step2: After successful login, a new page opens. Click on “View Exam Details”

Step3: Copy the complete Response table, Copy all 65 Questions with complete attributes.

Step4: Go to IES MASTER GATE 2024 Rank Predictor Page and click on “Predict My Rank”

Step5: If you are a student of IES Master, click on ‘Yes’ or else click on ‘No’, enter your e-mail address, and then click on ‘Next’ button.

Step6: a) If you choose ‘Yes’, select your stream and session, and paste your GATE 2024 Response Sheet
                  and click on ‘Submit’

            b) If you choose ‘No’, fill all the mandatory fields, and click on ‘Nexť. Now paste your GATE 2024
                 Response Sheet, and click on ‘Submit

Step7: From the page that opens, you can check the ‘Summary’, ‘Q-Wise Performance’, and ‘Detailed Solution’.

Connection between GATE Response Sheet and Rank Predictor:

The GATE response sheet and rank predictor are interconnected as the response sheet provides the data necessary for the rank predictor to make accurate predictions. The response sheet contains the candidate’s answers, which are then used by the rank predictor to assess the candidate’s performance and estimate their rank.

Difference between Authentic Answer Sheet and Memory-Based Questions:

An authentic answer sheet refers to the actual responses recorded by the candidate during the GATE examination. These responses are recorded in real-time and are considered the most accurate representation of the candidate’s performance.

On the other hand, memory-based questions are questions recalled by candidates after the examination. While these questions may provide some insight into the difficulty level and topics covered in the exam, they are prone to errors and inaccuracies due to human memory limitations.

In summary, the GATE response sheet provides candidates with their actual responses recorded during the examination, allowing them to evaluate their performance accurately. The rank predictor by IES Master utilizes this data to estimate the candidate’s rank and help them make informed decisions regarding their future endeavors. For more useful blogs like these keep on visiting,

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