How GATE score is calculated using the Normalisation concept

Every year in the month of February, the GATE exam is conducted for and written by engineering students from 23 disciplines of whichstudents from Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science (CS), Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC), Electrical Engineering (EE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) branches are in majority. The GATE exam for these five engineering branch students is conducted in multiple sessions. Therefore, to eliminate differences in difficulty that might occur depending on the streams, a normalisation concept is applied while calculating the GATE score for the students from these five branches. After the scores for multiple session papers are normalised, the similar formula is used to calculate the final scores for all the papers.

Each GATE subject test paper is of 100 marks.On the basis of this, the below given formula is used to calculate the normalised marks for the multiple session test papers taken by CE, CS,EC, EE and ME students.

The normalisation mark of jth candidate in the ith session is Mij is given as:

Normalisation concept for gate 2017

Normalisation concept method

Once the actual responses in the GATE answer sheets are evaluated, on the basis of the above shown formula the raw scores of candidates are normalised. Further, taking into consideration these normalised marks the final GATE score is calculated. For GATE papers that were held in only one session, the process of normalisation of raw scores is not required. In such cases only the actual marks obtained by candidates are used for calculation of GATE score.


IIT Roorkee is going to announce the release of GATE 2017 result  on 27 March, 2017. A candidate who took the GATE 2017 exam that was conducted on 4, 5, 11, and 12 February, 2017 can check his GATE 2017 result on this day, and can download and save the GATE 2017 score card anytime in between 27 March, 2017 to 05 May, 2017.

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