How to Prepare for GATE 2020 with Job

It is the dream of many people to get a cool Government job. There are a lot of candidates in the age group of 20 to 25, who are preparing for various competitive exams while working with any company. Preparing for any competitive exam while working is a difficult task, but nothing is impossible if one is passionate and determined.

Are you too planning to crack GATE 2020, and get a job in PSU while working in a company? It is not an easy task to crack any top engineering exam like GATE. Success in GATE, and that too with a good GATE score requires proper planning and a determination to stick to it under all circumstances. Here in this article, we would discuss some useful tips on how to prepare for GATE alongside job.

Get out of comfort zone
You would have come across many of your seniors or batch mates who quit preparing for GATE or ESE after getting campus placement. The fact is that once you land up in a job, a sense of security creeps in your mind that even if you are unable to clear GATE or ESE, you have a job in hand. To crack GATE while doing a job, you need to get out of this comfort zone as this can be very detrimental in your preparation for GATE 2020.

Make the most of your weekends
For a person who is aspiring for GATE 2020 while doing job, weekends are very important. For GATE aspirants, every Saturday and Sunday is very important. One should not waste weekends sleeping, watching movies, or doing other unproductive things. Make a time table for studying during weekends, and follow it religiously irrespective of anything.

Reschedule your lifestyle
It is very important to reschedule your daily lifestyle if you are doing job and aspiring to crack GATE 2020. Time is main constraint while doing job. So, you need to give up your old habits of waking up late. Now it is time to rise early in the morning, and spare at least two hours for studies. In the beginning you would find it difficult to follow this study schedule, but gradually this will become a habit. In the same way, when you come back from office, spare two hours for studies. Make a point that you do not go to bed after giving at least two hours to studies in the evening also.

Take guidance from subject experts
Preparing for one of the top engineering competitive exams like GATE demands preparation under the expert guidance of subject experts as the basic concepts of some subjects cannot be cleared by self study. Therefore, one needs to join any weekend classroom program for GATE 2020 preparation. While selecting the right and best GATE 2020 coaching centre, select the one that is near to either your place of residence or workplace. If you are residing or working in South Delhi then IES Master Institute is one such GATE coaching centre that has performed well recently in GATE 2019, and the previous years also. For session 2019-20, admissions are open at IES Master for GATE 2020 preparation.


If you stick to your study plan while keeping in mind your GATE 2020 goal, and work hard to meet it then there is no force that can stop you from achieving it. Achieving success in GATE 2020 with a good GATE score can land you a job in any of the various Public Sector Undertaking companies (PSUs).

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