Let GS Be Your Strength

General Studies (GS) is the test of your connect to the outside world, through your domain knowledge, as well as the requirement of the job, you are aspiring for. To think of it as something different, to what you have studied, would be a terrible mistake. Each and every subject in GS and Engineering Aptitude, Paper-1 of the Preliminary Stage of ESE exam, tests very specific knowledge that has an applied quotient, which will come handy during your job tenure.

Given the fact that GS marks are taken into overall count, it can make or break your career. A good GS score can propel you among the toppers, while any slackness can cost you dearly, pushing you back by a year, or forcing you to compromise on the choice of your services. IES Master General Studies Program gives you a one-stop-solution to all your needs. Under this program, each and every subject of GS is discussed and detailed in a manner that works the best for engineers.

Even while touching upon individual subjects, the unified approach of IES Master through its Classroom Programs helps you build a holistic picture. It is this inter-linkage of different subjects is what is of interest to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It shows your complete dominance, and comprehension of the subjects in a manner where even if a question is asked indirectly, you know how to read, decode, and deduce an answer.

Our teaching methodology, classroom approach, and student connect is designed keeping in mind this very specific nature of the exam. To add to it, our expert faculty has further breakdown things for you, to make it easy for you to stomach and digest subjects which might have initially sounded alien to you.

IES Master provides revised, updated, and well-structured study material, with sufficient practice questions. Just to give you an idea as to how close we were in ESE 2017 Prelims exam, you can browse on the questions that were featured directly from our books. And, it is going to repeat in future as we have successfully gauged the approach of UPSC to the GS – its framing of questions, and its testing of your skill set.

So, stop wasting your time and energy in worrying about GS, as it can prove extremely tricky, if treated otherwise. UPSC does not expect you to specialise into each and every GS subject; its interest is to find out how mindful you are of your surroundings, as an engineer.

Admission open For GATE ESE session 2017-2018

2 thoughts on “Let GS Be Your Strength

  1. If anybody want to study at home, is it preferable or we might have to come for tuition and
    Can u plz recommended the book for same.

    1. Hi thanks for your interest shown. If you are unable to come for regular classes, you can still prepare for GATE, ESE and PSU exams with same intensity. You can go for our Postal Program, which will give you complete guidance required for ESE and GATE exams. You can also subscribe our Online GATE and ESE Test Series. For more details contact our helpline no. 8010009955, 9711853908 for personal assistance.

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