Master Talent Reward Exam

Master Talent Reward Exam (MTRE) – It’s Now or Never

IES Master MTRE is a scholarship exam that gives a window of opportunity for meritorious engineering students to prepare for ESE, GATE, and PSUs in the most cost effective manner. Students from the four core engineering streams i.e. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics and Communication can avail this opportunity. Under this program, 100 students – each from the four core branches – will be given a discount of up to 100%. Students who make the cut-off, and are among the top 100 students will have to enrol themselves with IES Master within this academic session 2017-18, failing which the seat will be allotted to the next in the list.

To keep things simple and flexible, and help maximum students benefit from MTRE, the exam will be conducted online on 16 May, 2017 from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM, however, the registration closes on 15May, 2017.

To add to it, students are advised to take the demo test before writing the main exam. This is to make sure that candidates have the first-hand feel and experience of the nature of the MTRE exam. It would also make sure that the candidates are comfortable with the online interface. This also makes sure that all the students are on a level playing field, and no student who has written GATE or any other online test has any outside advantage.

Master Talent Reward Exam

Further to make sure that exam is conducted in the most objective and transparent manner, Web cam on the candidate’s system or laptop, through which he intends to write the MTRE exam, is a must. This is to make sure that only genuine students write the exam. There are hosts of other features that are added to the MTRE online exam – like there would be a time limit of 1 hour to answer the complete question paper. Also, there would be a time limitation to answer each question. For more detail, candidates can visit .

MTRE is not just another scholarship exam, it will give students an insight, as well as practice for writing GATE exam. The questions here will be very similar to the level and orientation of GATE i.e. a college level exam. On a registration fee of Rs. 50/- only, students get to know where they stand. If a candidate makes through cut-off, and is among the top 100 students, he will be sitting among the best engineering minds in the field of ESE, GATE, and PSUs exams.

Students who are pursuing B.Tech can also take this exam. If selected they can opt for weekend classroom programs, otherwise also they will get to know where they stand. In fact, self-assessment is the first step to start with any kind of preparation for ESE, GATE, and PSUs exam. MTRE gives engineering students an opportunity to evaluate themselves across the country, and on a platform that is exactly like GATE.

Students will be tested on Basic Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Reasoning & Aptitude, and General English. There will be a total of 50 multiple choice questions (MCQs), each carrying two marks for every right answer, with a negative marking of 0.66 for wrong answers. It will be a one-hour exam based on GATE 2017 syllabus. For detail regarding engineering subjects, candidates can visit

With only a few days left to grab this opportunity,candidates are advised to enrol without any further delay. It will set them in a mission mode for country’s top engineering services. The earlier one starts, the better it would be. Given the fact that over the years GATE exam has become applied, it requires mentoring which comes at a prohibitive cost for most students.

MTRE gives engineering students an opportunity to prepare for ESE, GATE, and PSUs exam without burning a hole in their pockets or without unwanted stress on their parents. This easing of pressure also helps them to prepare in a stress-free environment which is so very important in an exam of this nature.

One thing is assured that if a candidate clears MTRE, it will be a tremendous morale booster, and he will be starting altogether at a different level. Once a student gets such a start, it is very difficult for his or her peers to catch him or her, given the exam is becoming more demanding day by day.

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