Master Talent Reward Exam (MTRE) – An Online Scholarship Test for ESE, GATE and PSUs Aspirants

The world of Internet has brought almost every little requirement of ours within our reach. If you want to know in detail about any particular topic, job, study program or take mock test then it is very much possible from the comfort of your home with the help of Internet. All the information is handy that can be accessed with bare minimum efforts. For engineering students, it is very important to know about the institutes that can help them with proper study material and guidance to land them in their dream jobs. Internet has made it very easy nowadays to take online classes and write online scholarship tests.

Online scholarship test offers students, who due to lack of finances or some another reason, are facing problems in fulfilling their dreams. Many a time it has been observed that talented and deserving students are unable to reach at the level of which they are capable of. Master Talent Reward Exam (MTRE), an initiative by IES Master, is a hope to many of the talented and deserving engineering students who due to some financial issues feel lagging behind.

Postal Program

MTRE is a pan-India level computer-based scholarship test for engineering students from civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronics and communication streams. Under MTRE, 100 students each from these four core engineering branches would be offered a discount of up to 100% in their tuition fee. The online scholarship exam would be conducted on 19th November, 2017 at 35 test centres across India.

In addition to getting a chance of earning full waiver on tuition fee, students also get a chance to rub-off shoulders with the best engineering minds from the country. MTRE would also offer you an insight into the exam pattern of ESE and GATE as the questions asked in the scholarship test match the orientation and level of both these top engineering competitive exams. Another exclusive benefit of MTRE is that GATE, ESE and PSUs aspirants would get an opportunity to train themselves in writing the top engineering exams in a simulated environment before writing the real exams. Students would also develop hand-eye coordination and other required skills that go into the real exams. After taking the MTRE, students would come to know about their strengths and weaknesses.

So, if you are an ESE 2018, GATE 2018 or PSUs aspirant, you need to wait no longer. Get yourself ranked at national level. Register for MTRE now, and get the required boost before taking on the real exam.

If you have any query or doubt, contact IES Master Help Desk at 0 80100 09955, 0 97118 53908, or drop a mail at mtre@iesmaster.org.

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