ONGC to Recruit Graduate Trainees (E-1) through GATE 2020

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has announced its plan to recruit Graduate Trainees (E-1 level) in the Engineering and Geo-Sciences disciplines on the basis of GATE 2020 scores. ONGC is one of India’s most prominent Maharatna PSU companies.

AS per the official ONGC notification, the compensatory package at E-1 level in terms of cost to company (CTC) comes to around Rs. 20.06 Lacs .

ONGC is going to hire young engineering graduates from Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation, and Chemical streams through this recruitment drive. The number of vacancies for each post will be announced by ONGC at the time of inviting online applications.

Disciple-wise post and eligibility criteria:

Post Minimum Essential Qualification
AEE (Cementing)-Mechanical Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Cementing)-Petroleum Graduate Degree in Petroleum Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Civil) Graduate Degree in Civil Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Drilling)-Mechanical Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Electrical) Graduate Degree in Electrical Engineering with minimum 60% marks Should have Certificate of competency as Electrical Supervisor.
AEE (Electronics) Graduate Degree in Electronics Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Telecom Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Engineering (EC) Graduate Degree in E&T Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Post Graduate Degree in Physics with Electronics with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Instrumentation) Graduate Degree in Instrumentation Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Mechanical) Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Production)-Mechanical Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Production)-Chemical Graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Production)-Petroleum Graduate Degree in Petroleum Engineering /Applied Petroleum Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Reservoir) Post Graduate Degree in Geology (Must have Mathematics / Physics at B.Sc. level) with minimum 60% marks
Post Graduate Degree in Chemistry with minimum 60% marks (Must have Mathematics / Physics at B.Sc. level)
Post Graduate Degree in Geophysics with minimum 60% marks (Must have Mathematics / Physics at B.Sc. level)
Post Graduate Degree in Mathematics with minimum 60% marks (Must have Mathematics / Physics at B.Sc. level)
Post Graduate Degree in Physics with minimum 60% marks (Must have Mathematics / Physics at B.Sc. level)
Post Graduate Degree in Petroleum Technology with minimum 60% marks (Must have Mathematics / Physics at B.Sc. level)
Graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Petroleum Engineering /Applied Petroleum Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Chemist Post Graduate in Chemistry with minimum 60% marks
Geologist Post Graduate Degree in Geology with minimum 60% marks
M.Sc. or M.Tech in (Petroleum Geoscience) with minimum 60% marks
M.Sc. or M.Tech in (Petroleum Geology) with minimum 60% marks
M.Tech. in (Geological Technology) with minimum 60% marks
Geophysicist (Surface) Post Graduate Degree in Geophysics with minimum 60% marks
M.Tech. in (Geophysical Technology) with minimum 60% marks
Post Graduate Degree in Physics with Electronics with minimum 60% marks
Geophysicist (Wells) Post Graduate Degree in Geophysics with minimum 60% marks
M. Tech. in (Geophysical Technology) with minimum 60% marks
Post Graduate Degree in Physics with Electronics with minimum 60% marks
Materials Management Officer Graduate Degree in Auto Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Electrical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Instrumentation Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Petroleum Engineering/Applied Petroleum Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Civil Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Electronics Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in E&T Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Telecom Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Degree in Computer Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Engineering Degree in Information Technology with minimum 60% marks
Graduate degree in Industrial Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Programming Officer Graduate Degree in Computer Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate Engineering Degree in Information Technology with minimum 60% marks
Post Graduate in Computer Applications (MCA) with minimum 60% marks
Post Graduate in Computer Science with minimum 60% marks
‘B’ level diploma as defined by Dept. of Electronics, GOI.
Transport Officer Graduate degree in Auto Engineering with minimum 60% marks
Graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with minimum 60% marks
AEE (Industrial Engineering) Graduate degree in Industrial Engineering with minimum 60% marks

Engineering graduates who wish to apply for the vacant posts under this recruitment drive of ONGC should be GATE 2020 qualified. GATE 2020 would be conducted by IIT Delhi on 1, 2, and 8, 9 February, 2020. The result of GATE 2020 is scheduled to be announced on 16 March, 2020.

Candidates interested in the ONGC recruitment drive can submit their online application tentatively in the month of March/April 2020 once the detailed advertisement is released by ONGC.

Till then keep on checking IES Master GATE 2020 job notifications for further updates.


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GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-9, CE) Vishal Tiku Shares His Success Story

Hi, I am Vishal Tiku. I secured AIR-9 in GATE 2019 Civil Engineering. I did my B.Tech from NIT Srinagar in 2018. I started my preparation for GATE in 2017. I opted IES Master Online Test Series, and I must say that it was the most important part of my journey towards achieving this feat. The test series put up really typical questions and it helped me to strengthen my concepts, and improve my short notes in a better way.

  1. What were your marks in GATE 2019?
    I scored 82.08 marks. My GATE score is 959.
  2. How was the paper? How different it was from previous year?
    The paper this year was tough. There were many typical questions which were asked this year. Last year’s paper was easy. More number of questions were on the average side, but this year there were some typical hard level questions.
  3. Can you specify the subjects from which the hard questions were?
    The questions from Structure Analysis part were really hard this time.
  4. Take us through that moment when you shared the result with your family.
    When I broke this news to my family, they said Okay… that’s good. Actually they were not able to express their emotions. They were like, Okay… it’s good. But they were not able to express the euphoria.
  5. Tell us about your native place.
    I am from Jammu, which is my home town and native place. Jammu is a part of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s a good city with all the hustle and bustle. The pace of life is good. Every facility is available there, and the best thing is that people there are nice.
  6. Tell us about your schooling.
    I have done my schooling from Army Public School, Kaluchak. Being an army school, the discipline, and the education, everything was superb, excellent.
  7. Tell us about your journey from school to B.Tech college.
    My journey started from giving JEE Mains in 2014. I secured AIR 44,000, and I got admitted into NIT Srinagar in Civil Engineering branch. The journey has many ups and downs throughout the college, but ultimately it was a great experience. The college life is worth the experience. It was a great experience.GATE Coaching
  8. Tell us a little about your preparation schedule.
    My preparation schedule was like I used to wake up at 8 AM. After my breakfast and all, I started my day at 11 AM, and I used to study till 11 PM or 12 AM. I took 8 to 8 and half hours sleep every day. No compromise with sleep.
  9. When actually did you start preparing for GATE?
    I started my preparation in August 2017.
  10. It means you were still in college when you started your preparation. What were the difficulties that you faced while preparing for GATE along with your college studies?
    What I did was to focus more on GATE. I used to study for semester exams a week before the exam, more focus was on GATE only.  
  11. As you were preparing for GATE along with your college studies, what was the impact on your semester grades?
    Of course it works because once you are in GATE, your basic concepts really get strengthened. The basic fundamental formulas and basic concepts, you really get a good command over those concepts, and simply for semester exams, you have to make some twists and turns. It’s more on the theoretical side, but getting concepts right is the key. It was helpful.
  12. When the news broke in your native place and at your college NIT Srinagar that you have scored AIR-9 in GATE 2019, what was the reaction?
    Everyone was really happy. They were wishing me best of luck for the future. The faculty and the director, they were really happy about it. Everyone in the college was happy about it.
  13. What kept you motivated during your preparation?
    The need for job in the public sector was the real aim behind GATE, and that only kept me motivated.
  14. What is so special about PSUs that you want to get in?
    The work-life balance in PSUs, and the salary packages are the two main factors that excited me to join public sector. Also, by doing so you are serving the nation in a good way. That was the real motivation.
  15. How did you prepare short notes?
    I started preparing short notes in January. In short notes, I kept the basic formulas.
  16. What would be your advice to your juniors from your college?
    Just be consistent with your studies. Hard work is the key. But the thing is do opt for test series, and be consistent like revise daily. You have to prepare new concepts daily, and you have to give tests right from the beginning. You can’t wait for completing the syllabus first, and then giving the test. No, that’s not the way. The thing is you have to opt for the test. You have to give the tests right from the beginning, and work on it. Come out of these mistakes. You have to strengthen your concepts by giving the tests. So tests are really the bottom part of it.
  17. How did IES Master test series help you structure your preparation?
    IES Master test series include questions which are a bit on the difficult side, but those questions are really important. The trend has been in the past few years that GATE has been asking really typical questions. Few questions are really typical questions. IES Master test series help you to overcome those difficulties, and get these typical questions right. That way you achieve the top rank.
  18. Coming to the core subjects i.e. Soil, Structure Analysis, Environment, how did you go about preparing for these subjects?
    For these subjects, I read the standard books two times. First time I gave it a thorough study, solve as many questions as I can, and second time I started preparing notes. The thing about these core subjects is that you have to practice a lot. You have to practice more and more questions, as many questions that you can. Moreover, try to revise these subjects daily because they involve lot of formulas. Revision is the key when you are dealing with these core subjects.
  19. While preparing for GATE, did you ever come across any second thought?
    Lows come in every aspirant’s journey. They are a part of your journey, but the thing is that you have to be motivated. Sad moments and depression have come into my journey also, but you have to overcome those moments. Keep focus on your ultimate goal.
  20. What would be your advice to your juniors regarding the right time to start preparing for GATE?
    Preparing from the third year is the ideal time I guess. Start preparing from third year, it would really help you in your semester exams and you would get to know about the concepts at an early stage, and this would help you in GATE exam as well.
  21. How did you go about revision i.e. cyclic revision, and carrying out the entire syllabus?
    Whenever you are preparing for a subject, you would encounter new subject but you have to keep up with the old subjects also that you have prepared. So revision is the key. Keep revising old subjects, and start picking up new subjects as well.
  22. How many subjects were you reading generally in a day?
    I used to study one subject in a day, but I gave one or two hours to revise the previous subjects also.
  23. It is an absolute honour to have someone like you with us at our institute. We thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is an absolute delight to have you as part of IES Master.
    Thank you, sir.

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GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-14, CE) Shriram Kushwaha Shares His Success Story

Hello guys, myself Shriram Kushwaha. I have secured AIR-14 in GATE 2019. I did my B.Tech from IIT Guwahati. I have taken Classroom Program of IES Master. The environment inside the class was too competitive, and the teachers were very supportive. No matter how big or small your doubt would be, they cleared all our doubts.

  1. What were your marks in GATE 2019?
    My marks in GATE 2019 were 81.16, and my GATE score is 948.
  2. What helped you secure such a good GATE rank?
    To remain motivated always during your preparation, without allowing the negative thoughts to come in your mind. Always be positive, and prepare for the exam with this positive attitude. Plan accordingly, make daily goals, and achieve those goals. I did the same, and this helped me achieve this feat.
  3. Take us through that moment when you shared this information with your family members, and what was their reaction
    When the result was announced, I was in Bhopal along with one of my friends. I received a call from one of my friends informing about the announcement of GATE 2019 result. After checking the result, I first called my father. He was very happy on hearing about my achievement. He asked me to share this happiness with my friends by distributing sweets. On hearing about my result, there was a happy environment at my home also.
  4. How different was this year’s GATE paper in comparison to previous years’?
    This year’s GATE paper was a bit better than the last couple of GATE papers. Earlier too many direct formula based questions used to come, but this time the paper included concept based questions. My approach to solve the GATE paper was to first solve simple questions, and then attempt the questions that were left in the first attempt. I marked this strategy on the question booklet, and attempted the most difficult questions in the last. In other words, I solved the paper in three steps. First, I attempted the easy to solve questions. Second, I attempted the questions that were easy but lengthy, and then finally, I solved the questions that were conceptual based.
  5. Tell us about your journey from IIT Guwahati to IES Master. How did you come to know about IES Master, and when you started preparing for GATE 2019?
    When I was in the final semester of my B.Tech, I thought about my post B.Tech plans. Through some of my batch mates who were preparing for GATE, I come to know about IES Master as they had taken the Postal Study Program of IES Master. I checked the content of study material of the postal program, and I found it very good. At that very moment, I made up my mind to join IES Master after completing B.Tech.
  6. Which study program of IES Master you joined?
    I joined the classroom program of IES Master.
  7. Tell us about your family.
    My father is a primary teacher. My brother runs his own small scale business, and my mother is a home maker.
  8. Tell us a little about your city.
    I come from a small village that comes under Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh.
  9. Tell us a little about your schooling.
    I completed my schooling from Rewa, and then later I did my B.Tech from IIT Guwahati. Studying at IIT Guwahati was a golden phase of my life.
    GATE Coaching
  10. What was your study schedule?
    It was my daily goal to practice questions of the subject that was being taught on any particular day, and also revise that subject. Once I have covered a part of the syllabus then my objective was to keep fresh in mind the subjects that had been covered by revising them.
  11. How did you prepare short notes, and what was the role of IES Master Study Material in it?
    While preparing notes, I kept in mind that it includes all the important concepts and formulas that generally come in the exam. Also, if I come across any new formula in the test series then also I used to include it in my short notes. In this way, just by referring my short notes I was able to revise the entire syllabus.
  12. In the test series of IES Master, what used to be your rankings?
    My rank used to be average, not much good, and not much bad. It used to be around 50-60. To achieve good rank, one must focus on his accuracy level. Try to commit fewer mistakes. The same I did in the final exam.
  13. There are highs, and sometimes there are lows during preparation. What kept you motivated in such conditions?
    Whenever I felt low, I used to speak to my parents or my friends. Whenever I spoke to my parents, they always used to say that I need not to worry. Study again, and give your best next time. So, I never felt depressed. There was always morale support from my family. I was focussed towards my goal, and always kept in mind that bad days are never forever.
  14. With this GATE ranking, what you have in your mind PSU, ESE, Civil Services, or you have something else in your mind?
    Actually my goal is IES, and after GATE there are many PSU options. Now I would write the ESE Mains paper, and then accordingly I would plan my next course of action.
  15. How did you prepare yourself a day before the exam?
    Generally most of students revise everything a day before the exam. In my opinion, one needs a sound sleep a day before any exam.
  16. What was your strategy in regard to negative marking?
    GATE now has more numerical based questions. So there is less probability of negative marking. So, I made a point to solve the objective questions with utmost care to avoid negative marking.
  17. What would be your message to other GATE aspirants and your juniors from IIT Guwahati?
    Students of IIT Guwahati are too much inclined towards GATE and ESE, and the B.Tech syllabus is quite similar to that of GATE and ESE. My advice to all the students would be to not take their semester syllabus lightly, and never lose their faith. Always stay motivated. To all future aspirants, I would like to say that everyone can crack GATE with good rank. If I can do it, anyone can do it. The only thing they need to take care of is to take all the test series seriously, and once they have taken the test series, do a self evaluation to determine your mistakes, and improvise. Once you do this, you can easily get a good GATE rank.
  18. It’s a pleasure talking to you. It’s so nice of you that you gave us time. Thank you so much.
    Thank you, sir.

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GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-11, CE) Mukesh Lamrod Shares His Success Story

Hey, I am Mukesh Lamrod. I secured AIR-11 in GATE 2019 from Civil Engineering branch. I have done my B.Tech from MBM Jodhpur in 2018. The best thing here at IES Master is the study material. There are no mistakes. By studying it, you would not feel that you should study any other book. It covers the entire syllabus of GATE and ESE.

  1. What were your marks in GATE 2019?
    My marks were 81.38.
  2. Walk us through that very special moment when you came to know that you secured AIR-11 in GATE 2019?
    At that time, I was in Gurugram, and I received a message from one of my friends that the result of GATE 2019 has been announced. I asked him about his rank, and he said first you check yours and tell. I said that I have secured AIR-11. I have predicted that I might secure this rank. The main task for which I came here at IES Master in Delhi has been accomplished.
  3. Give us an insight into the two sections of GATE, how were they different from previous year’s?
    I first started with the technical paper, and completed it in one hour and 45 minutes. Then I took the non-tech paper. I committed a silly mistake in that paper. Rest the paper was moderate. English part was also normal. Technical part was a bit hard, but not much hard.
  4. Tell us about your family.
    I belong to a farmer family from Nagaur, Rajasthan. My father is a farmer, and mother is home maker.
  5. Is GATE popular in your village?
    No, but now it has become popular.
  6. Tell us about your schooling.
    I studied up to 9th standard in my village, and I never thought that I would become an engineer. For matriculation, my family sent me to Jodhpur for studies. I said it would not be possible for me to study while staying away from home, whatever you want to do I can do while staying here only. But I was sent forcefully, and secured 62.33% in matriculation from Rajasthan Board.
    Then family members asked me about my choice of stream after matriculation. I took Biology for some time and then took Maths, and spent two months like that. I thought that both the subjects are going above my head then what is the point in taking any of these subjects, but my family members said that you have no other option apart from these two subjects. So I took Maths. My brother was running a coaching for IIT, and I was admitted in it. But still I kept on scoring low grades. In the tests, I used to rank second or third from the bottom. In this way somehow 11th standard was completed.
    When I was in 11th standard, a guy from my village, who was in 12th standard at that time, failed. I thought that may be next year it would be my turn, and it would become a matter of insult so I thought of getting serious. I became a bit serious in 12th standard, and scored 72%. After 12th my target was IIT.
    Later I could not get Civil Engineering branch in IIT as my rank was not so good in JEE, so I got admission in MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur.
    In college also I got five backs in the first year, three backs in first semester and two backs in second semester. Then I asked my seniors for guidance. They asked me about my interest, I said that civil engineering. Then they informed me about GATE through which we can go into PSUs. Then I started preparing for GATE in the final year.
  7. While studying at MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, how did you come to know about GATE?
    I came to know about GATE through one of my seniors Sunil Suttar, who secured AIR-22 in GATE. He took IES Master’s postal study program and had also joined IES Master’s test series. He asked me to do the same. So I joined IES Master’s postal study program and enrolled for the test series during the final year of my B.Tech. But as I had studied on my own for GATE during the final year, I could not secure a good GATE rank. My rank was 834. Then my senior told me to take admission in IIT for M.Tech, but I rejected the idea of joining IIT.
  8. How was your experience in IES Master classroom?
    When I went to my first class, Kanchan Sir was teaching SOM. I had heard a lot about Kanchan Sir. I was surprised to see that how can a person of his calibre so simple. More than IES Master, Kanchan Sir’s name is more popular. Initially I was not able to cope up with him, but then caught up with him. I felt good that I secured AIR-11 due to Kanchan Sir’s motivation.
  9. Give us an insight into your study schedule.
    I used to study 5-6 hours daily on a regular basis in addition to attending the coaching classes. In the evening, I used to go to library after the coaching classes. First of all, I used to study only those subjects that were taught in the classroom by Kanchan Sir. Later when the ESE Prelims Test Series started then I studied according to it.
  10. There are some subjects in which students generally face difficulty. For instance, Design, Structure Analysis, RCC, Steel Structure, Environment, etc. Was there any specific strategy to deal with these subjects?
    RCC was taught so well by Ghanshyam Sir that no matter from where any question is asked, you would not face any problem. Environment too was taught very well by Kanchan Sir, so there was no need of worrying about it.
    GATE Coaching
  11. How did IES Master Test Series help you during your preparation?
    While writing the test series, almost all the questions were covered. There would not be any question except a couple of questions that were there in test series, and came in the real GATE also.
  12. What points you kept in mind while preparing short notes?
    I did not prepare any short notes. Writing test series itself was like preparing short notes for me. If I ever feel like revising any subject, I used to take the test series of that particular subject, and it was covered.
  13. A day before the exam, and on the day of the exam, how did you manage your anxiety level?
    I stopped studying five days before the day of the exam, and just chilled along with my friends. On the day of exam, I even attended one of my friends’ wedding in Sikar as my exam centre too was in Sikar.
  14. Now with this GATE rank, what are your future plans?
    I will join DDA, and I hope that I would qualify ESE also.
  15. You are enrolled here at IES Master for Conventional Question Practice Program. How did you find it?
    It is going good, most of my subjects have been covered. A few subjects of Kanchan Sir are remaining, I am hoping of a good ranking in ESE as well.
  16. What would be your message to your juniors from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur?
    I would like to say to them that without giving any second thought join the classroom program of IES Master the moment you complete your B.Tech. The study material of IES Master is the best, and if the same study material is taught in the classroom then there cannot be any coaching better than it. The expertise of Kanchan Sir, Ankit sir, and Ghanshyam Sir in their respective subjects is so good that a student taught by them will always remember them.
  17. How would you remember IES Master?
    Whenever I would come across any teacher, it would remind me of Kanchan Sir as my mentor. I will miss Kanchan Sir. If I would have to prepare for any exam again in the future, I have to join IES Master again for the teaching of Kanchan Sir. It would not be possible for me to study again without him.
  18. If you are asked to describe IES Master in one word, how would you describe it?
  19. You are an excellent student here at IES Master. You are one amongst the various gems IES Master has produced. We are proud of you. God bless you!
    Thank you, sir.

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GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-7, CE) Shreyans Mehta Shares His Success Story

Hello friends, I am Shreyans Mehta. I have secured AIR-7 in GATE 2019. I did my B.Tech from College of Engineering, Udaipur. I was a part of IES Master Regular Classroom Program, and currently I am pursuing Conventional Question Practice Program. I find Kanchan Sir, Ghanshyam Sir, Ankit Sir, and Ayush Sir simply amazing.

  1. Take us through that moment when you got to know about the result?
    I was waiting for the result since 2 O’ Clock as I was expecting the result, but the result came out at 5 PM. I was expecting my rank under 20 but it was awesome to know that I have achieved AIR-7. I got congratulations from my family and friends, everyone who had supported me. And, I want to say thanks to everyone.
  2. When did you start preparing for GATE?
    In the final year of my college, I started my preparation. I planned it earlier, but I could not begin my preparation that time. Then I took coaching in the final year of my college. After this I continued, and I got AIR-281 in my final year.
  3. How did you get to know about IES Master?
    My brother was a student of IES Master. He cleared ESE in his first attempt, and he wanted me to take admission here.
  4. What were your marks in GATE 2018?
    I scored 83 marks in GATE 2018, and secured AIR-51.
  5. What were your marks in GATE 2019?
    My marks were 82.15. My GATE score was 959, and I secured AIR-7 in GATE 2019.
  6. Which program were you a part of here at IES Master?
    I took Regular Classroom. I was from RM-03 batch of 2017-18 session.
  7. How was your experience with IES Master classroom program?
    Before coming here, I somehow knew about IES Master because my brother was also a part of IES Master classroom. My experience here was very good. IES Master has a thorough approach. In the classrooms, each and every student is given proper attention despite there being so many students. The teachers are very helpful. Even though we ask our doubts in between the class, the doubts are cleared very well. The response of teachers is very good. Concept building is done in a very good manner. The pace at which subjects are taught is very appropriate and suitable.
  8. How was this year’s GATE paper compared to previous year’s?
    This year the paper was quite different from the pattern which GATE follows. It was a little bit tough. The first set was tougher than the second set. My paper was from set-2.
  9. How was the part-1 of your GATE 2019 paper?
    Generally Mathematics is of 15 marks, but this year it was less about 7 to 8 marks in both Set-1 and Set-2.  But in Set-2, the Mathematics questions were quite easier as compared to Set-1. Talking about Aptitude, it comes generally easy, and this year too it was easy. Looking at the English part, the level of questions was a bit higher when compared to the previous years’ papers.
  10. Take us through the technical part.
    The technical part is generally divided into 1-mark and 2-mark questions. The 1-mark questions were simple and easy. Talking about 2-marks questions, the numerical type (NAT) questions were tougher as compared to non-NAT questions in which options were available. I think this year’s paper was tougher than the previous years.
    GATE Coaching
  11. What was your overall strategy with regard to GATE 2019?
    Starting from the concept building which was already done in IES Master classrooms, I used to solve conventional questions that were provided in the classrooms. Solving those questions cleared all my concepts, and they gave me an approach to solve questions. Then I used to solve previous years’ questions to judge that I have covered all the parts. I think that the notes provided to us in the classrooms were good enough. After doing previous years’ papers, if I come across any new question, which was very rare, I used to solve them there only, and I used to learn from them there only. After that I used to go for subject-wise tests. I used to analyse them very properly because test series is very important for GATE preparation. Knowledge is an important part, but producing it is much more important than just having it. Test series was very important. I used to give tests, and analyse my mistakes, and reduce my errors and improve my accuracy because in GATE, it’s all about accuracy.
  12. What was your rank in test series generally?
    I used to be in top-20 for most of the tests. In some of the tests, I didn’t perform very well but in most of the tests I used to be in top-20 students. In some of the tests, I even secured rank 1 and 2.
  13. How did you go about preparing short notes?
    I used to solve previous years. After my first revision, I went ahead with a simple approach focussing on the part important in GATE, and then the part tough to remember, and finally the parts that are to be revised. Keeping all these things in mind, I used to confine the notes as much as I can. After giving tests, if I came across any new concepts then I used to incorporate them in my notes.
  14. Tell us about your daily schedule.
    It wasn’t fixed, but generally I used to study for 7-8 hours as I was free from college, and I have to study only. There were only two main things, sleeping and studying, apart from other basic things. Most of the time, I used to study only. It wasn’t fixed that I have to study for 10 hours or 8 hours. Some days it was 3-4 hours and some days 6-8 hours.
  15. What kept you motivated during your preparation?
    When I used to give test series, sometimes I scored very low and felt de-motivated, but my elder brother, who is my idol, very much helped me in keeping me motivated. I used to call him and talk to him for hours. I think that everyone should have someone to talk and take guidance from. My brother was my motivation.
  16. Tell us a little about IES Master study material.
    IES Master study material is very consolidated and very confined, and it is very relevant to all the competitive exams, and the language is very much easy to build your basics and to go for toughest to toughest questions.
  17. What about the doubt clearing session here at IES Master?
    Whatever the level of your doubt is, it is given equal preference. No matter what is the level of your doubt, it is cleared in a very good way. The teachers here help a lot in clearing your doubts.
  18. It is a general perception that GATE is getting tough with every passing year. Is it so?
    No, I don’t think so because this year GATE was conducted by IIT Madras, and it’s a general perception that the paper set by IIT Madras is a bit tougher. I don’t think it is getting tougher because last year the paper was very easy. The pattern is same. The paper comes easy. You just have to work on your accuracy.
    I would say for GATE, there are selective things that you have to study. You don’t have to cover a lot of things for GATE. Apart from that, you have to practice questions a lot. There are very selected and limited type of questions asked in GATE so I think you must practice those questions very well. Also, you should solve the previous year book at least two to three times to get a good rank. In the end, I would say all the very best.
  19. Share some tips to improve accuracy.
    For improving accuracy, test series plays an important role. Each student commits different mistakes, there is no such tip. I think he should judge from the test series only that what types of mistakes he is committing, and by taking required steps he can reduce those errors.
  20. What was your strategy for the day of exam and the day before it?
    Students generally prepare notes of 15-20 pages, and try to mug up those pages. But I left all my books and notebooks a day before the exam because my brother asked me not to look at my notes, and I followed his instructions only. This helped me to be confident, calm and composed during the paper.
  21. What would be your priorities after GATE, PSUs or higher studies?
    I am planning to apply for PSUs, and getting into any of the top PSUs but my top priority for this year is to get into Engineering Services. Keeping my options open, I would prefer PSUs.
  22. Are you a part of IES Master Conventional Question Classroom Practice Program?
    Yes sir.
  23. Tell us a little about IES Master Conventional Question Practice Program.
    Basically during CQPP, students are required to solve a book which includes every single subject. The book is very consolidated, and one can find every type of question in that book. I think that it is a must for any student preparing for ESE Mains.
  24. Tell us a little about your college.
    I am from College of Technology and Engineering Udaipur, which is a government college and talking about the environment of GATE and ESE, I think that specifically about our Civil Engineering department it’s not much there like other colleges. Students usually don’t prepare for GATE, and most of them want to go into private sector or placed somewhere. I think GATE and other competitive exams are very necessary, and whatever the environment is I think they must apply for GATE and ESE.
  25. What would be your message to your college juniors?
    I will say if I have done it, you can also. It’s very easy. You just have to dream big, you just have to work hard, and you can easily do it, and please dream big.
  26. Tell us about your schooling.
    I have done my sixth to twelfth class schooling from Central Academy Jodhpur.
  27. Tell us a little about your family.
    I belong to Jodhpur. In my family, I have two elder brothers, my mother, my father, and my grandmother. My father is a businessman along with one of my elder brothers. My eldest brother is Assistant Garrison Engineer in Military Engineering Services (MES).
  28. You have been an excellent student here at IES Master. We thank you so much for giving us time, and for sharing your experience. God bless you!
    Thank you sir, it’s an honour.

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GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-3, CE) Paramjeet Kumar Dubey Shares His Success Story

Hi my name is Paramjeet Kumar Dubey, I secured AIR-3 in GATE 2019. For the preparation of GATE and ESE, I came to Delhi and enrolled at IES Master in its Regular Classroom program.
The faculty members at IES Master are very supportive, helpful and friendly.
The study material of IES Master is the best among all other institutes. I suggest that every student should study these materials for their preparation of GATE and ESE.

  1. Take us through those joyous moments when you got to know about your result.
    When I came to know that I secured AIR-3 in GATE 2019 from Civil Engineering, I took the blessing of my father and
    mother, and thanked God for helping me achieve success.
  2. What was your score in GATE 2019?
    My marks were 83.82.
  3. What do you think actually worked for you in GATE 2019?
    Practice and revision as well as
    positive mindset – that I will not commit any error in the exam – helped me a lot in securing this good rank.
  4. How did you develop the positive attitude and that ‘eye for detail’?
    The test series of IES Master that I took helped me in time management and making my solutions error-free.
  5. Tell us about your journey from NIT Patna to IES Master.
    During campus placement at NIT Patna, I got
    placement at LNTECC. I went there, and worked for seven months, and then I came to Delhi. I came to know that IES Master is one of the renowned institutes for GATE and ESE preparation. So I came here and joined IES Master.
    GATE Coaching
  6. Which program were you a part of here at IES Master?
    I was a part of
    Regular Classroom program here at IES Master.
  7. Give us a feel of the environment of the classroom at IES Master?
    The environment was quite friendly. The teachers were quite friendly, supportive and helpful to the students. They used to clear the doubts then and there in the classroom itself.
  8. How did you perform in IES Master test series?
    My performance in IES Master test series was not very good. But I used to bookmark those questions that I could not solve, and I used to go through those questions during free time. One week before the exam also, I
    practiced the bookmarked questions.
  9. How did you remain motivated during your preparation?
    As I am from Sainik School Nalanda, where we are prepared for NDA, most of my friends are in
    Indian Army as officers. I also wanted to become a Class-1 officer. When I came to NIT Patna, I saw that most of my seniors were employed in good PSUs. So, I also wanted to crack GATE and ESE and get a good position in PSUs.
  10. Your take on IES Master study material?
    IES Master study material I think is one of the best material available in the market. I suggest that every student should study these materials for their preparation of GATE and ESE.
  11. What according to you makes IES Master stand out?
    The quality of education provided at IES Master by Kanchan sir and other faculties
    is the best. They make us understand each and every concept in the classroom itself.
  12. How was the section 1 in GATE 2019 paper?
    The Mathematics and Aptitude section of GATE 2019 was quite easy as my set was 1. It was quite normal. I solved all the questions, but I committed
    mistake in English section of one mark. Overall it was quite easy.
  13. How about technical part?
    The trend was quite different as you can see that in
    last two-three years, the question level was from moderate to easy. But this year, most of the questions were of moderate to tough category. That’s why most of the students could not score good marks in GATE 2019.
  14. What was your preparation strategy?
    GATE preparation is all about accuracy. If you are accurate, you can score good marks. So, practice is the only key to success.
  15. What was your daily study schedule while preparing for GATE 2019?
    I used to study daily for
    round six hours in two shifts of three hours each.
  16. What was your plan for the D-day, and how you executed it?
    Reach the examination centre as early as possible, and if possible, visit the centre a day before the examination to determine the time required to reach the centre, and get rid of the fear of missing the exam.

    GATE Coaching
  17. According to you, what are the mistakes that students are likely to commit during exams like GATE?
    The mistake generally committed by students in exams like GATE is that they try to attempt all the questions without solving them accurately. This results in negative marking. So they score low marks in exams like GATE.
  18. What would be your message to your juniors from NIT Patna?
    I would suggest my juniors from NIT Patna that they should join IES Master for a bright career in GATE and ESE.
  19. Take us through your journey from your school to NIT Patna.
    I had a bonding with my school-time friends as I spent seven years there. When I moved out to NIT Patna for graduation, there also I made many friends, and we are still in contact with each other.
  20. From where you did your schooling?
    I had a lot of fun during my schooling days as it was a fully residential school. My school name is Sainik School Nalanda. I was there for seven years i.e. from
    sixth standard to twelfth standard.
  21. Tell us a little about your family?
    I belong to Buxar district of Bihar. My father is an ex-serviceman. My mother is a housemaker, and my brothers are engineers. One of them is in Hyderabad, and another one is in Mysore.
  22. It is wonderful to have you here at IES Master, we are so proud of you. We thank you for your time?
    Thank you

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GATE 2019 Topper (AIR-2, CE) Avinash Jain Shares His Success Story

Hi friends, myself Avinash Jain. I have secured AIR-2 in GATE 2019, Civil Engineering. I would like to clarify that I was part of IES Master Regular Classroom program only, and I did not join any other institute for anything including test series. Other than this, I consulted only IES Master study material, and did not took support from any other material. Thank you.

  1. Avinash it’s a huge success. How was it received? Take us through the very special moment.
    Actually I was about to sleep, when I came to know that the GATE 2019 result is to be announced. So I checked the result casually. I knew that my rank would be good, but I didn’t expect that it would be so good. It was a very great moment for me. This shows that how much effort I must have put in to get this rank.
  2. What was your score in GATE 2019?
    My shift was second in afternoon session for GATE. Before normalization, I secure 88 marks. After normalization, my marks were 85.75. As the second paper was comparatively easy, due to normalization, my marks got reduced.
  3. What worked for you in GATE 2019?
    Hard work… I believe that only hard work counts in GATE. Nothing else, and sometimes a little bit of luck as well. You can get 100 rank by just doing hard work, but to get single-digit rank you need sheer luck, which I got. I feel lucky for that.
  4. How was this year’s GATE paper?
    According to me, Paper-2 was very simple, and most of the questions asked were similar to those asked in IES Master Test Series. As I had taken the test series, for me the paper was simple, but for most of the aspirants the paper was tough.
  5. How was section 1 in GATE 2019?
    Section 1 was very easy, apart from English (as my English is weak), aptitude wise the paper was very good. Every person can answer the aptitude questions. You don’t need to focus much on aptitude, as the questions from aptitude are very simple.

    GATE Coaching
  6. How different was section 2 of this year from previous year’s?
    Technical part was not much different. You need concept-wise learning. The most important thing about GATE is that you need to remember all the formulas. If you forget one formula then you are going to lose at least 2 marks. Other than this, you need to focus on some important things like this year one question was asked from Soil Mechanics for general sheer failure and for local sheer failure. Everybody attempted it using the general sheer failure, but the question was for the local sheer failure. So you have to take care of such little things, and thereafter by applying formula you get the correct answer.
  7. How did IES Master classroom program benefit you?
    IES Master classroom program helped me a lot. The books and teaching material of IES Material are very good. It’s so good that you need not to refer the standard books. If you follow them religiously, you need not do anything else. Keep on referring them again and again, and the more you do so, your rank will be good.
    The teachers at IES Master are fantastic. They motivated me. Their way of teaching was very good. In a simple manner, you can easily understand difficult topics. The way Kanchan sir teaches SOM is very easy. I still remember his ‘E  को/ E में ‘dialogue. I will never forget it.
    Competition-wise the Classroom Program is very good. Students from different colleges are a part of it, and you get to experience a healthy competition which you are going to face in the real GATE exam. Apart from it, the teaching methodology of Classroom Program is excellent. All the teachers are well qualified, and explain in simple language. All the possible questions are covered in the class itself. Whatever is remained is covered during other programs such as test series, etc. I would say that almost 100% of GATE syllabus is covered in the class itself.
    Classroom program worked wonder for me. I used to attend the classes daily and learn the concepts.
    Everyone works hard, but the proper guidance that is required was provided to me by the classroom program.
  8. Take us through your daily schedule?
    I used to get up half an hour before the time of my class. There was no such fixed schedule. Whenever I feel like studying, I used to study. If I was not in a mood of studying then I would not study. My routine was something like this.
  9. How was IES Master Study Material helpful in your preparation?
    The study material of IES Master was so good that I did not refer any other standard book. I followed the study material only. In the study material every minute detail is covered, along with examples. Solving the examples helps in concept building, which really helps during the exam.
  10. How was IES Master Test Series helpful to you?
    The test series of GATE was very good. In it all the questions were covered. In total there were 71 tests. If you calculate the total number of questions then it sums up to around 250 questions. My target was to solve 200-250 questions daily. In this way, I solved all the questions. I never attempted any test completely for three hours except one test. What I used to do was to open the test, and press the Submit button directly. After that I used to open the solutions, and then practice questions from there. This helped me save time. As there was very less time remained in January month, I have to follow this practice. When I took GATE exam in real, I faced many questions similar to that I had attempted in test series. This made me think that the GATE paper is very simple, I never thought it would be so simple. Luckily all my answers were correct, and I secured AIR-2 in GATE 2019.
  11. What was your overall preparation strategy?
    I used to first concentrate on one subject only. When it was completed, I used to take another subject. In January, when I had to write the test series, I covered the GATE book chapter-wise. There was no such schedule. My target was to attempt 200-250 questions in a day so that I can complete the entire GATE book in 10-12 days. For instance, if on any particular day I completed 6 subjects then 10 questions were from one subject, 20 questions were from another subject, and so on. In this manner, for 3-4 days I used to focus on 6 subjects. Later on there were days when I covered 2 subjects in a day. But my main target was to attempt 200-250 questions. This was my schedule for January month. Prior to that I used to complete one subject in total, and then move on to next subject.
  12.  How did you go about preparing short notes?
    Short notes are very important for a GATE aspirant. Every aspirant should make short notes. They help us in quick reference of the formulas while solving questions. The short notes I prepared were of formulas only, and before sitting in the real GATE exam, I went through it thoroughly at least 20-25 times. This helped me in memorizing the formulas.
    So short notes are very important as in an exam like GATE remembering the formulas is very important. If you would not remember formulas then it would be difficult for you to proceed further. If all the formulas are known to you then it will help in boosting your confidence. Sometimes you would be even able to answer the questions that you would find difficult during the exam.
  13. What was your approach to avoid negative marking?
    My main objective was to score at least 80 marks. If you want to score 80 marks then don’t think much about negative marking. My advice is to attempt maximum to maximum questions, and do not attempt questions you are not sure about. There is not much negative marking in GATE as most of the questions are of NAT type that does not have negative marking. So only a few questions are left that have negative marking. So, don’t think much about them, attempt as much questions as you can. That’s more important.
  14.  Take us through your classroom environment here at IES Master. How is it like sitting here in the class at IES Master?
    There is a great competition in the class as students from good colleges come here for coaching. The environment here is that of healthy competition, and in such a high level competition, getting on the top is a huge achievement. What I feel is that a student faces competition from all over India here itself in the classroom. If you achieve success here then it means you have cracked the exam. Every student studies and works hard, but the competitive environment that is required is provided here in the classroom itself.

    GATE Coaching
  15. How disciplined were you with your preparation?
    Discipline is very much important as daily the classes are of 6-7 hours, and sometimes they run up to 9-10 hours. After attending the classes, you have to devote 5-6 hours for self study. This makes the schedule very tight. If you are able to live in this schedule, you’ll survive, otherwise it becomes very difficult. This schedule instills a sense of competitiveness in you.
  16. How is your experience with IES Master conventional question practice program?
    Conventional Question Practice Program (CQPP) actually helps you in not wasting your time at home. When you attend classes, you get to even practice the questions that you cannot solve. By attending CQPP, your 5 hours will be completely devoted to studies and practicing questions. If you come across any question that you are unable to solve then wait for some time, and when Kanchan Sir starts solving them understand it carefully. Try to solve them on your own first. Do not wait for sir to solve them. If you get stuck anywhere, move to another question. I am following the same strategy currently during my Conventional Classroom Program at IES Master.
  17. From where you completed your schooling?
    I completed my 9th and 10th standard schooling from Jawahar Navodya Vidyalya, Alwar. Prior to that I was in SPS Public School from 1st to 8th standard.  I completed my Senior Secondary schooling from Jawahar Navodya Vidyalya, Boondi. After completing my B.Tech from IIT Roorkee, I came here at IES Master.
  18. Tell us about your family.
    I have one brother, and my mother and father in my family. My father is a government school teacher, and my mother is homemaker. My brother works as a clerk in SBI. Other than this, I have my grandparents, uncle-auntie, etc. who all live in village. Only my family lives in Alwar. My village Senthli, which is my birth place, is 20-25 kms away from Alwar. My primary education was completed at my village only.
  19. What would be your message to the students of IIT Roorkee?
    I would like to say to them that start preparing for GATE from second year itself. Prepare tutorials and practicals on your own so that when you write GATE or ESE exam during your fourth year, you benefit from it. If you start preparing from now then there would be not much burden on you. Read a little bit daily, and enjoy the college life of IIT. Whatever is taught in the classes, read it thoroughly. That would be enough. After that during the fourth year, give your best.
  20. Thank you Avinash, we are very much proud of you. May God bless you in all your future endeavours.
    Thank you sir! It was very happy moment for me, and I would like to congratulate IES Master and my family for making me capable of scoring this rank.

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GATE 2019 Toppers

GATE 2019 Toppers: The Star Performers of IES Master

GATE 2019 results have been announced by IIT Madras. Once again IES Master has exhibited its dominance in GATE results by producing GATE 2019 toppers. Prakhar Singh secured AIR-1 CE place in GATE 2019.

Other students of IES Master that excelled and set new benchmarks in GATE 2019 are Avinash Jain (AIR-2 CE), MUKESH POONIA (AIR-2 EE), Paramjeet Kumar Dubey (AIR-3 CE), Jayesh Atreya (AIR-5 CE), Shreyans Mehta (AIR-7 CE), Vishal Tiku (AIR-9 CE), MAHESH SINGH YADAV (AIR-10 ME) and many others.

The result of GATE 2019 is special for IES Master in many ways. It is not only that the preparation strategy of IES Master for GATE has reaped better results but has also earned tremendous accolades from a large number of GATE qualifiers.

What differentiate IES Master from other institutes are the various carefully designed mentoring techniques that are employed in its study programs for ESE, GATE and PSUs aspirants. It is because of this unique teaching methodology that all the GATE 2019 toppers from IES Master were able to answer the questions asked in GATE 2019 with ease.
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Other GATE 2019 rankers from IES Master are:

Student Name Rank Branch