ESE 2018 Topper (AIR-1, CE) Vinay Prakash Sharma Shares His Success Story

In this truly enthralling one-to-one with IES Master, Vinay Prakash Sharma, AIR 1 (CE), ESE-2018, reveals the real side of his success story and gives an insight into the major ingredients that go into the making of an ESE topper. 

IES Master: Vinay it’s a huge success, how was it received in your family? Who was the first person you informed in your family?
Vinay: Thank you so much. I informed my father first, and he was very happy. He couldn’t believe it. He was quite for a minute or so, and then I informed my mom, and she was also very happy. Afterwards, when my sisters came to know about this, they too were very happy.

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