ESE 2018 Topper (AIR-2, CE) Punit Singh Shares His Success Story

This hardheaded engineering graduate from GLA University, Mathura, engraved his success in stone with firmness of steel. Listen in to this uniquely uncompromising ranker’s resolve in purpose and pursuit as he opens up in an ‘EXCLUSIVE’ one-to-one with IES Master.

IES Master: When did you start preparing for Engineering Services Exam?
Punit: I started preparing for Engineering Services in the fourth year of my graduation.

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ESE 2018 Topper (AIR-1, CE) Vinay Prakash Sharma Shares His Success Story

In this truly enthralling one-to-one with IES Master, Vinay Prakash Sharma, AIR 1 (CE), ESE-2018, reveals the real side of his success story and gives an insight into the major ingredients that go into the making of an ESE topper. 

IES Master: Vinay it’s a huge success, how was it received in your family? Who was the first person you informed in your family?
Vinay: Thank you so much. I informed my father first, and he was very happy. He couldn’t believe it. He was quite for a minute or so, and then I informed my mom, and she was also very happy. Afterwards, when my sisters came to know about this, they too were very happy.

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