The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has revised the dates again (second time) for conducting Engineering Services Examination (ESE) 2020 Mains. As per the revised UPSC calendar (issued on 14th July, 2020), the ESE 2020 Mains exam would now be conducted on 18th October, 2020.

Commission has postponed the UPSC ESE Mains 2020 again, along with other UPSC exams that were scheduled to be conducted in forthcoming period. Earlier, the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) Mains 2020 was scheduled to be conducted on 28th June, 2020, which for the first time was rescheduled for 09th August, 2020. Now as confirmed by UPSC, the exam is rescheduled to be conducted on 18th October, 2020.  

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Online Test series for ESE 2020

How ESE 2020 Online Test Series Can Benefit an ESE 2020 Aspirant

Online Test Series is taken by almost all students aspiring for various competitive exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) or any other competitive exams. Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is an exam conducted by UPSC every year to select quality engineers for the country’s top-level engineering posts. The exam is conducted in three phases – ESE Prelims, ESE Mains, and finally the Personality Test. As the standard of this exam is very high, the competition too is very tough.

While preparing for ESE 2020, the ESE 2020 Online Test Series would help you in assessing your level of preparation. The more online test series an ESE 2020 aspirant would take, the more he would gain confidence, and come to know about his strengths and weaknesses. Let’s discuss one by one the benefits of taking ESE 2020 Online Test Series.

Benefits of ESE 2020 Online Test Series

Get the Feel of Real Exam: The question papers of Online Test Series are set by subject experts and past ESE and GATE rankers keeping in mind the standard and pattern of UPSC. Therefore, the online test series can help you experience the real ESE exam like environment before actually taking the exam. In other words, ESE 2020 Online Test Series by IES Master is like a trial run before appearing in the real exam. While taking the ESE 2020 Online Test Series, you would experience the same exam environment, standard of questions, pattern of question paper, and the same amount of pressure that you might experience before the actual ESE exam. So this would be very beneficial for an ESE 2020 aspirant to inculcate some confidence and determine his level of preparation before the actual exam. By the time you would face the actual ESE, you would be more confident and relaxed as you had already experienced it virtually before.

Revise and Improve: The preparation strategy followed by most of the ESE aspirants is to cover the topics from ESE syllabus in bits, sections and stages. Once they have covered the entire ESE syllabus following this strategy, they believe that they are all set to take on the ESE challenge. However, it often happens that on the day when they face the real exam, they forget everything that they have learned in the past. The main reason behind this is lack of revision. Most of students take the standard of questions asked in ESE as very lightly. They are under the impression that as they have gone through a topic once, it is enough to answer any question related to that particular topic. However, the scenario is totally different as we discussed above that the level of ESE exam is very high and the competition is very tough. So lack of revising whatever we have learned makes us unprepared for the exam. Revision is very important to remember what we have studied or learned in the past. It’s the ESE Online Test Series that can help ESE aspirants revise whatever they have learned so far, and improve on the areas that they are lagging behind. This way they recall what they had studied, and finally perform well on the day of the real exam.

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Practice and proceed: Clearing ESE with good ranking demands a lot of self-practice along with referring ESE 2020 books containing good quality content. As online test series are usually taken by serious ESE aspirants, you would see your performance improve along with thousands of ESE aspiring students from across the country. In short, online test series will help you practice more and more questions at regular intervals, and polish your question selection ability, question answering skills in addition to improving speed and accuracy.

You will find all these features in IES Master ESE 2020 Online Test Series. IES Master has started inviting online registrations for ESE 2020 Online Test Series from civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers aspiring for ESE 2020. Register for IES Master ESE 2020 Online Test Series today to make the most out of it. Contact IES Master Help Desk at 0 80100 09955 or e-mail at to know in detail about the ESE 2020 Online Test Series.

ESE Online Prelims Test-Series

IES Master Online Test Series for Success in ESE 2018 Prelims

To begin their professional career with the top-most engineering job in the country i.e. Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is the dream of almost all engineering students. However, only some of the engineering students are able to fulfil their ambitions. There can be many reasons behind this failure, and one of those reasons is the preparation for the most coveted exam without the guidance of subject experts.

Before starting on your journey to cracking the ESE, it is very important for the aspiring engineering students to know in detail about the requirements of this engineering service, and the various stages of exam that are conducted to select the suitable candidates for this service. Once a student is aware of all this, then only he can move further with a proper strategy to meet the goal. The ESE exam is conducted by UPSC every year in three stages – ESE Prelims, ESE Mains, and finally the Personality Test.

In year 2018, the ESE 2018 Prelims is scheduled to take place on 7 January, 2018 and the ESE 2018 Mains on 1 July, 2018. Each stage of the ESE carries equal importance, and a candidate is required to qualify each stage to move on to the next stage, and begin his professional career as class-1 officer in various departments of the government like the Power Sector, Indian Railways, Telecommunications, Central Water Engineering, Central Engineering Service, Defence Service of Engineers, etc.

The ESE exam comprises of objective as well as descriptive questions. The marks of all the three stages of the ESE exam sum up to 1,300 marks.

Practice for ESE 2018 Prelims through Online Test Series

Self-study and studying from good quality content containing ESE books is not enough for cracking the ESE exam with flying colours. A candidate needs to practice whatever he or she has learned so far at regular intervals, and this is only possible by taking online test series. Taking an online test series for the preparation of ESE 2018 Prelims will also improve your performance as you would get a chance to rub shoulders with thousands of ESE aspiring students from across the country. In short, an online test series will help you assess your level of preparedness at regular intervals by giving you a chance to revise whatever you have learned so far. As the ESE Online Test series is designed by experts on the pattern of the ESE syllabus, in a way you would be taking the exam before the real ESE exam.

Equipped with all these features, ESE 2018 Prelims Online Test Series has been launched by IES Master, which is a New Delhi-based institute for civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers aspiring for ESE, GATE and PSUs. The ESE Prelims online test series will help the ESE aspiring candidates to recall their learning so far in an effective manner and measure their level of preparation.

The Online Test Series for ESE 2018 Prelims has been designed to test your grasp on language, clarity about concepts, speed and accuracy. The difficulty level, pattern, marking scheme, time allocation of questions, which are included in the IES Master online test series for ESE aspirants, are similar to the real ESE Prelims exam. This facilitates the students in getting a hands-on experience of taking the test in a simulated environment. Besides, the test series has been designed in such a manner that it helps the students improve their question selection ability, and time management skills.

Structure of IES Master ESE 2018 Online Prelims Test Series

The Online Test Series offered by IES Master for the preparation of ESE Prelims is structured in such a way that it helps them prepare for both, the Paper-I i.e. General Studies and Engineering Aptitude, and Paper-II i.e. Engineering Discipline. The complete ESE 2018 Online Prelims Test Series consists 60 tests, of which 32 tests are for the preparation of Paper-I of ESE Prelims, and 28 tests to help you gear up for the Paper-II of ESE Prelims. If we further go deeper to understand the structure of the Online Test Series then the 32 tests for ESE Prelims Paper-I consists 20 Topic-wise tests, 9 Subject-wise tests, and 3 Full-length tests, and the 28 tests for ESE Prelims Paper-II includes 14 Subject-wise tests, 10 Mixed subjects, and 4 Full-length tests.

ESE is mother of all exams, once you prepare for it, no engineering exam can be big enough to match your standing. IES Master makes sure what you get is deserving of this prestigious UPSC exam. IES Master ESE 2018 Online Prelims Test Series will take you to the closest.

The registrations for IES Master ESE 2018 Online Prelims Test Series are open. Interested candidates are advised to register at the earliest to make the most out of it. To know more about this Online Test Series, interested candidates can contact the IES Master Help Desk at 0 80100 09955, 0 97118 53908 or drop a mail at