Tips to Crack GATE in First Attempt

Tips to Crack GATE in First Attempt

GATE (The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam is a gateway for all those engineering students who are aspiring to secure admission for higher studies in the reputed institutes such as IITs or NITs. GATE is a highly competitive exam for engineers. Every year lakhs of engineering graduates write the exam, and this number is growing year on year. To crack such a highly competitive exam, one needs to follow some good tips and the guidance of experts during their preparation for GATE.

Here are some tips following which you can crack the GATE exam in your first attempt.

Understand the GATE exam pattern: The GATE Exam consists of a single three-hour online test, with 65 questions carrying a total of 100 marks. The question paper includes both multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and numerical answer type (NATs) questions.

Plan GATE preparation according to GATE Syllabus: While preparing your GATE preparation strategy, keep in mind that you have to cover all the subjects/topics given in the GATE syllabus. Therefore, your study plan should be prepared accordingly. Try not to focus on a single topic or subject first and then move on. Carry along a mix of topics during your GATE preparation to avoid boredom.

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Choosing the Best GATE books: Taking the help of right GATE books is very important. The books that you should follow while preparing for GATE should include at least one standard textbook for each subject. In addition to these standard books, do online research for the best available books subject wise. Search for online resource material that can be helpful in practising questions. An ideal book for GATE preparation is one that covers the entire GATE syllabus, offers basic insights into the topics, and most importantly should be easy to understand.

Take GATE Test Series: Once you have mastered each topic, test your preparation level by taking GATE online test series. Almost all the GATE coaching institutes offer GATE test series. Choose the GATE online test series that is as per the latest GATE exam pattern. Check the timing when they are offering the GATE test series to GATE aspirants. Write as many test series that you can write as this will help you in improving your speed and accuracy in solving numerical problems, and improving your overall performance. Writing GATE online test series will also help you in determining your weaknesses, and then work upon them.

Preparation Time and Strategy: Make a study plan, and prepare a strategy for GATE preparation keeping in mind each and every topic. Not a single topic should be left while preparing the GATE strategy. Once a strategy has been planned, follow it religiously. Do not procrastinate. Start with short term goals. This will help you in keeping up the momentum of your studies, and gradually increase your goal. In this way, you will be able to successfully cover the entire GATE syllabus in a given period of time.

Prepare short notes for Revision: While you are studying the topics from GATE syllabus, make it a habit to note down the important concepts, formulas, etc. This will help you a lot during your revision period as just by glancing the short notes you would be able to recall your entire preparation.

Spare time for Revision: Keep aside ample amount of time for revising whatever you had studied at the end of your study plan. This will help you in recalling all the concepts, formulas, and other important points. Understanding the basic concepts clearly will definitely help you in solving the difficult questions during the actual GATE exam.

Hope these tips would be quite beneficial for those engineering students who are targeting GATE 2021. All the best for your GATE 2021 exam.

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