UPSC Revises Tie-breaking Rule for ESE

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has revised the tie-breaking principle to determine the ranking of two or more candidates who score equal marks in Engineering Services Examination (ESE).

The Tie principle will be applicable in those cases where two or more candidates score equal marks in ESE. This revised tie principle will help the UPSC in deciding the ranking of candidates in the Engineering Services Examination.

Find below the steps that will be followed by UPSC to resolve the tie cases in ESE.


As per the official UPSC notification, these revised Tie Principles would be applicable for the Examinations/RTs to be notified after 28.8.2019 (i.e., the date of approval by the Commission).
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In respect of inter-se seniority of officers nominated through Engineering Services Examination, the revised Tie Principle would be applicable for the officers nominated through Engineering Services Examinations which would be notified after 28.8.2019.

This revised tie-breaking rule will benefit those candidates who have secured equal marks in UPSC ESE by improving their ranking in the UPSC ESE if they fulfil any of the above-mentioned criteria.

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