Gaurav Kumar Singh, AIR-01, ESE 2013

My name is Gaurav K Singh. I have secured AIR-1 in ESE 2013. I would like to give all the credit of my success to the expert coaching and guidence which I recieved at IES Master Institute. I followed the classroom notes and study meterial provided by this institute and that was all the preperation that I needed for my altimate
success.The teaching methods followed by the faculty here and especially Kanchan Sir’s dedication and efforts are really exceptional. The emphasis here is on building concept and developing in depth understanding instead of mearely mugging up content and this helps a lost in the final exam. The study material provided by IES Master is comprehensive and exactly to the point with regards to syllabus of Engg. Series Exam. The practice questions complement the theoretical content very well and every aspect of a topic is covered wholistically. I would highly recommend to the new aspirats to join this institute for generally helpful guidance. Wish you all the very best.
Thank you!
Gaurav Kumar Singh

Hari Singh Geela, AIR-34, GATE(CE) 2015

My Name is Hari Singh Geela. I have secured all India Rank 34 in Gate 2015. I would like to thank IES Master for expert coaching and Guidance Which I received at IES Master. I was the morning batch student of IES Master. The Emphasis in the Institute is towards understanding the concept and not merely rote Learning, The Study Material, Regular Class Test & Gate Test Series are so aptly prepared, that just following them Ensures Good Rank. Reasonably I feel the affectionate way of teaching, unrelenting motivation and the amount of hard work put by the faculties at IES Master specially, Kanchan Sir, Ankit Sir and other have helped me in securing good rank. My suggestion to any serious aspirants is to believe in yourself, dedicate 6-7 months of preparation with expert guidance, is sufficent to achieve top rank in Gate. Finally I extend my heartiest thanks to all my well wishers my family & Friends for My achievement.
Thanks you!

K.M.N.V.S Ravi Teja. AIR-04, GATE(CE) 2015

Hi, My self Ravi Teja

I am happy for getting AIR 4 in Gate-2015 Examination. This achievement is not possible without the help that I received from IES Master coaching.I thank Kanchan Thakur Sir for support and thank my parents for their continuous support related to teaching in IES Master. The best way of teaching for getting success is competitive exams like gate and IES etc. One of the best study material you will get here. As far as preparation is concerned be punctual, be dedicated, be confident success will come automatically.
K.M.N.V.S Ravi Teja
Gate– 2015

Vikas Ahlawat, AIR-01, ESE 2012 & GATE(CE) 2013

Dear sir,
I & My family would like to congratulate Kanchan Sir on my success. It’s because of vast technical knowledge, immaculate & lucid teacihng style and comprehensive covering of topic that I have been able to secure AIR-1 in gate Civil-13 in my very first attempt. Personally I feel the affectionate way of you teaching, constant unrelenting motivation and the amount of hard work you put in for us was more than satisfying and simply sufficient enough for achieving this result. Again, respect, love & Thanks from bottom of my heart to Kanchan Sir and finally wishing all the best to all the readers.
ESE 2012 & GATE(CE) 2013

Beenit Bhagat, AIR 15, ESE 2013

Dear Sir,
Its been truly an amazing experience to have Kanchan Sir as a teacher, guide during my preparation for ESE. Your way of teaching is simply remarkable for the lucid content, wide coverage of almost all the subject in civil Engineering. First of all, I believe the best help to me was the conventional practice program which helped me immensely for the conventional papers. Then the study material for civil is the best material available for any future ESE aspirants. Finally the teaching style and in general the method in which Kanchan Sir explains each and every concept is simply marvellous. My Suggestion to any future Civil aspirant would be to just
believe in the brand IES Masters and dedicate one year and the rest will be taken care of by Kanchan Sir. Finally, I would once again like to thank Kanchan Sir for all
the best.
Beenit Bhagat
AIR 15, ESE 2013

Deepak Kumar Bhardwaj, AIR-02, ESE 2014

My name is Deepak Kr. Bhardwaj. I have secured AIR-2 in ESE 2014. I would like to give all the credit of my success to the expert coaching and guidance which I recieved at IES Master Institute. I followed the classroom notes and study material, provided by this institute and that was all the preparation that I needed for my
ultimate success. The teaching method followed by the faculty here, and especially Kanchan Sir’s, Ankit Sir’s and other faculties’s dedication and efforts are really exceptional. The emphasis here is on building concepts and developing in depth understanding instead of merely mugging up the content and this helps a lot in the final exam. I would highly recommend to the new aspirants to join the institute
Deepak Kumar Bhardwaj

Subhankar Roy, AIR-13, ESE-2014

I feel really glad and satisfied. I don't think there can be a better feeling than the feeling of seeing your hand work bear fruits. Engg. Services is a prestigious career which gives you opportunity to utilize your technical knowledge for the service of your nation. For objective papers I gave special attention to minute details and sub topic in all the sections and also learnt some quick tricks. For conventional papers my only tip would be regular and constant practice. Practice as many problems as you can and as many times as you can and this should not be done by merely reading the solution but by actucally solving the problesm on your own. Try to develop in depth understanding and avoid casual mistakes. Due importance should be given to GS Paper. Prepare for this paper in advance and not just in the last day.
My interview consisted of several questions covering the practical application of my technical knowledge. Confidence and consistency is also very important for good marks in interview round. I only followed the class notes and study material provided by IES Master institute and that was more than sufficient for me.
I had really beneficial experience at IES Masters. The classroom sessions and study meterial helped a lot. Because of Kanchan Sir’s efforts & method of teaching.I feel that I am round enough in technical subjects. The conventional test series helped me a lot. Day by day I felt that I was improving.
Lastly life wouldn’t have been better if I had not taken admission in IES MASTER.
Subhankar Roy


Swapnil Chaurasia, AIR-6, GATE 2013 & AIR-8, ESE 2013

I will give the credit for achieving a successful rank in GATE 2013 to Kanchan Sir. The insight about various topics provided by Kanchan Sir builds a strong foundation not just for examinations purpose but also for your confidence. Kanchan Sir focusses on building your concepts rather than mugging up the formulas. The way Kanchan Sir teaches, makes you able to have a good grasp over various topics. Kanchan Sir keeps you remain enthusiastic throughout his class.
Also the study material provided are very helpful & comprehensive. You don’t have to reach out for anything else. Just your class notes & study materials provided are enough.
Swapnil Chaurasia
AIR-6 GATE 2013
AIR-8, ESE 2013

Abhinav Garg, AIR-04, ESE 2013 & AIR-20, GATE 2013

Best part about IES Master is teaching by Kanchan Sir. As engineering is not about cramming but about understanding, Kanchan Sir clear your fundamentals in depth. Study material is very comprehensive though notes which you make in class are your best friend. Practice questions provided helped me understand the subjects better. The material provided has a edge compared to other institutes as it is not repetitive but still covers every aspect of engineering. Special tip for IITians–Geographical vicinity of IES Masterplus the adjusted timings of classes makes your like very ease.
Sir’s personality & his light talks always kept me motivated & pressure free.
Abhinav Garg
AIR-04, ESE 2013

AIR-20, GATE 2013

Ajit Kumar Palsania, AIR-5, GATE 2016

Hello, everyone, myself Ajit Kumar Palsamia. I have secured AIR-5 in Gate 2016. and for achieving this success. I am very thankful to IES Master under the guidance of  Director Sri Kanchan Kumar Thakur Sir.
The teaching style and knowledge of faculties at IES Master such that you will learn almost 100% in the classroom itself and require very less time to revise it at home. Study material is very good and sufficient for any engineering related exam. Specially the exam oriented pattern for GATE is very good.
The test series of IES Master was very helpful to me and improved my speed and skill in problem solving.
The IES Master says, if you join the institute then you are in safe hand and i think that is 100%. Correct for an average student like me.
Thanks IES Master.

Thank You!

Ajit Kumar Palsania,


GATE 2016


My name is Ankit. I am 2015 passout of Delhi technological University B.Tech programme. I have secured AIR 07 in GATE 2016. I was classroom student of IES Master and also enrolled in GATE online Test Series of IES Master. The classes here have been very useful for me in building my concepts to wards technical subjects of Civil Engineering in exam oriented approach. The faculties here are very good and were always alvailable for the students.
The study material provided to students is very comprehensive and conceptual covering all concepts of technical subjects equipped with conceputal question in exam oriented way. 

The online test series designed for GATE was very helpful to me. It helped me in my time management driving exam and also helped me practcing my concepts. The level of test series is slightly higher than what could be expected from real exam so as to enable the students for worst conditions.
I stongly recommend IES Master for aspiring condidates of GATE & IES exam.

Gate 2016

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