ESE 2018 Topper (AIR-2, CE) Punit Singh Shares His Success Story

This hardheaded engineering graduate from GLA University, Mathura, engraved his success in stone with firmness of steel. Listen in to this uniquely uncompromising ranker’s resolve in purpose and pursuit as he opens up in an ‘EXCLUSIVE’ one-to-one with IES Master.

IES Master: When did you start preparing for Engineering Services Exam?
Punit: I started preparing for Engineering Services in the fourth year of my graduation.

IES Master: Given the fact that ESE is quite an intensive exam, what kept you motivated across this length of preparation?
Punit: Actually I want to do my part in the development of our nation, and since I am a civil engineer, I thought Railways will be a good start. So to get into Railways, and do my part in the development of the country, I took Engineering Services Exam.

IES Master: Which program were you a part of, here at IES Master?
Punit: I was part of IES Master’s classroom test series program. Since this exam requires rigorous practicing and conceptual clarity, the test series provided me a platform to correct my mistakes and build up speed and accuracy.

IES Master: What percentage of paper were you able to attempt in your Mains exam?
Punit: I was able to attempt 80% in Paper-I, and approximately 90% in Paper-II of the Engineering Services Mains Exam.

IES Master: Take us through the sequence in which you attempted the questions.
Punit: I attempted the compulsory questions first i.e. the question numbers 1st and 5th as they were relatively easier and shorter in length, and marked out the questions that I did not know. Thereafter, I attempted rest of the questions. This helped me in building up a momentum, and I could attempt at least 80% of the paper.

Admission start session 2019 - 20

IES Master: How effective was IES Master material in your preparation?
Punit: IES Master study material is quite extensive and covers all the subjects in depth, which is required for Engineering Services Exam. I would like to congratulate IES Master faculty members for structuring the study material in such an easy-to-understand language.

IES Master: How did you fare in IES Master Test Series?
Punit: I was able to get rank among the top 50s.

IES Master: Take us through your UPSC interview experience.
Punit: My interview was on 10th October, 2018 in the afternoon session. Ms Satyawati was the Chairperson of the board. The Chairperson asked me about my hobbies and my job. The rest of the interview was all technical ranging from subjects like RCC, Building Materials, and Construction Planning. It was a good experience overall.

IES Master: You did your B.Tech from GLA University Mathura. What would be your message to the students pursuing B.Tech from private engineering colleges aspiring for Engineering Services Examination?
Punit: This exam is all about merit. It is not necessary to be from the IITs to clear this exam. It just requires a bit of motivation, hard work, and guidance. In fact, right guidance is the most important thing.

IES Master: You have been an excellent student here at IES Master. It’s our absolute privilege to have someone like you amongst us. Thank you for sharing your success story with us. God bless you!
Punit: Thank you, sir.
Admission start session 2019 - 20

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