Postal Program for GATE ESE IES Master

IES Master Postal Study Package for ESE 2021, GATE 2021 and PSUs Preparation

There are two best and feasible means of getting quality education when you are located in remote areas, and unable to attend regular classes. The first method of getting the required quality mentoring in such a scenario is through online digital classes, and the second is through Postal Study Package.

To help engineering students of civil and mechanical streams, IES Master has come up with IES Master online digital classes for the preparation of ESE, GATE, and PSUs besides its popular IES Master Postal Study package for ESE 2021 and GATE 2021 preparation.

The IES Master Postal Study package has been structured in such a manner that it keeps the motivation level of ESE 2021 and GATE 2021 aspirants high while mentoring them with quality study material and expert guidance. No matter how remotely the students are located, the IES Master Postal Study Package keeps the morale of all the students high. It also offers them a chance to interact and be in touch with subject experts, professionals, and other like-minded students through the IES Master official Telegram group for doubt clarification and conceptual clarity.

Now let us have a look at some of the other salient features of IES Master Postal Study Package. It is because of these important features that this mode of distance learning is one of the most favourable study options for remotely located students.

Here are the other benefits of IES Master Postal Study Package.

Schedule study plan as per convenience

Postal Study Package gives flexibility to an ESE or GATE aspirant to plan his study schedule as per his convenience and pace. He or she is not required to stick to any particular study plan as in a classroom-based study program. Some Postal Study program may require attending a weekend classroom program, but again it is up to the student to attend it or not. If the student wishes, he can get his queries answered or doubts cleared through e-mail correspondence or through the official Telegram group of IES Master itself. However, one must stick to the personal study time table to get the maximum output from a postal study package.

Choose your own study environment

Students have the option to go through the Postal Study Package from their home as per their comfort and convenience. They are not compelled to attend a classroom packed with other students. They have the flexibility to create their own study environment, and proceed with their ESE and GATE preparation. They can change the environment as per their mood or time of the day. However, again a word of caution – to get the best out of the environment, one should be serious about his main career objective.

Freedom for knowledge application

Only IES Master postal study package gives you the time and energy for practical application of whatever knowledge you have gained. You would not be limited to the theoretical knowledge, you can apply the knowledge on anything, and wherever possible. On any particular day you can learn any topic, and the on any other day you can apply the knowledge in your surroundings. In this way, one can cement the knowledge, and have a firm grasp over the topics that they had learned so far.

Hopefully you have now understood all the benefits of IES Master postal study package. The Postal Study Package from IES Master for ESE, GATE and PSUs preparation for civil and mechanical engineering students can guide them in the right direction. In addition to quality and updated ESE and GATE books, IES Master postal study package allows the ESE and GATE aspirants to access the same quality education that is offered to the students of regular and weekend classroom programs.

So, if you wish to plan your study schedule for GATE 2021 or ESE 2021 at your own pace and space, register now for IES Master Postal Study Package. To know more in details about IES Master Postal Study Package, contact IES Master Help Desk at 80100 09955, or drop a mail at

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