Objective Question Practice Program

Tackling objective questions is a game of conceptual clarity, numerical ability, speed, accuracy, and handling pressure. Today objective type exams have evolved to an altogether different level. With year-on-year rising competition, it is becoming very difficult for engineering graduates to be sure of variety of questions that may be asked in exam.

The Objective Question Practice Program (OQPP), an online course by IES MASTER, has been designed and structured to facilitate engineering students aspiring for ESE, GATE, State PSCs or any other Engineering Exams. By taking the OQPP program of IES Master, aspirants learn to deduce the right answer while attempting objective questions, get conceptual clarity on various important topics, and build upon their time management skills.


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Program Key Features

  • Progam Validity : Till ESE (Prelims) 2021
  • Useful for ESE, GATE, State PSCs and Other Engineering Exams
  • Covers the Complete Technical Syllabus
  • Covers Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Aptitude
  • Build upon the ability to deduce right answers
  • Get conceptual clarity on various important topics
  • Access the lectures anytime from anywhere
  • Experience ESE and GATE exam pattern
  • Subject-wise tests to analyse performance after every subjects
  • Clear your doubts through Student Zone, Mobile App (Discussion Forum) or IES MASTER Offical Telegram Group
  • Package Contains :
    • 275-300 Hrs Video Classes
    • 19 Subject-wise Tests


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Program Package

Program Name Program Mode Stream Start Date Fee Enroll
Objective Question Practice Program (OQPP) Online Class Civil Engineering 25th May, 2020 13500 + GST

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Online Class Schedule

S. No. Subject Name Lecture Duration
1 Fluid Mechanics 20 - 25 Hrs
2 RCC & Pre- Stressed Concrete 25 - 30 Hrs
3 Design of Steel Structure 12 - 15 Hrs
4 Surveying 12 - 15 Hrs
5 Open Channel Flow 08 - 10 Hrs
6 PERT & CPM 06 - 09 Hrs
7 Irrigation Engineering 12 - 15 Hrs
8 Engineering Hydrology 12 - 15 Hrs
9 Hydraulic Machines 08 - 10 Hrs
10 Highway Engineering 12 - 15 Hrs
11 Railway 05 - 08 Hrs
12 Strength of Materials 20 - 25 Hrs
13 Soil Mechanics 25 - 30 Hrs
14 Structural Analysis 18 - 20 Hrs
15 Environmental Engineering 22 - 25 Hrs
16 Building Maintenance and Construction 08 - 10 Hrs
17 Engineering Mechanics 05 - 08 Hrs
18 Engineering Mathematics 15 - 20 Hrs
19 Engineering Aptitude 12 - 15 Hrs


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OQPP (Objective Question Practice Program) is specially designed for students to get the conceptual clarity on various topics applied in objective questions which is very useful for ESE, GATE, State PSCs and other engineering exams

The teaching methodology of IES Master OQPP program involves rigorous hands on practice to build upon the ability to deduce right answers through critical thinking, lateral thinking, method of elimination, applied knowledge, reading in between lines, rule of time, and most importantly by giving you tips to stay calm and maintain composure till giving a final look.

All the Civil Engineering subject faculty members of IES Master will be teaching students through this online OQPP program. The language used while teaching by faculty will be a mix of English and Hindi language, so that no student is left untouched from the benefits of this unique program.

Any student who is pursuing or have passed B. Tech/BE degree in Civil Engineering, and aspiring for ESE, GATE, or any state engineering exam can take the IES Master Objective Question Practice Program (OQPP).

The difference between classroom courses and OQPP program of IES Master is that classroom courses are conducted offline, whereas the OQPP program is currently conducted through online medium only. Classroom Course is a type of foundation course where the technical & non-technical subjects, Math, Aptitude are taught from basics. Classroom course takes approximately 1100-1200 Hrs of classes for ESE+GATE and 800-900 hours of classes for GATE. Classroom course is highly recommended for the students who want to learn from basics. OQPP Online course is specially designed with objective questions point of view; how to deduce the right answer while attempting objective questions, to get conceptual clarity on various important topics, and build upon their time management skills. OQPP Online course approximately takes 275-300 hours for ESE+GATE. OQPP Online course is highly recommended for those students who are not clear with concepts or taking too much time in solving the questions or unable to deduce the right answer.

Ex-IES Master students who have completed their course can benefit from this program by getting conceptual clarity about various topics that are important from ESE and GATE exams point of view. Also, by taking the OQPP program, they will get a chance to further enhance their question selection ability, selecting the right answer while attempting objective questions, build upon time management skills, and improve their speed and accuracy while revising the topics that they had already covered in the classes at IES Master.

The fee for OQPP program is Rs. 13,500 + GST. To avail the benefit of discounted fee i.e. Rs. 10,000 + GST, an ESE or GATE aspirant has to register on or before 20th May, 2020. The overall duration of OQPP program will be around 275 hours to 300 hours.

Currently, the OQPP program can be accessed online through IES Master Android app only.

All the lectures of online OQPP program will be recorded, and a student can watch the recorded video lectures three times only.

Currently, you can register for OQPP program through online Enrollment only. Go through the Online Classes Page and click on Enroll Now Button.

Yes, You can increase the speed of videos as per your convenience.

Yes, you can increase the speed of lectures, and can backward/forward it. Be noted that you can view the videos 3 times of the total duration of lectures. If you watch same things again and again, it will be counted as your view times and limit timings will be decreased accordingly.

If you come across any doubt while attending IES Master OQPP program, you can get the doubts resolved by the subject faculty through your student zone, or mobile app, or through IES MASTER Official Telegram Group.

The students of OQPP will not be provided any study material. However, they can determine their level of preparation through the subject-wise online test series that will be offered to OQPP students after the completion of each subject.

No, you cannot cancel the registration once you have registered yourself for the program. There is no such refund policy for OQPP program.

IES Master has already kept the OQPP course fee very nominal. So, currently there is not any provision of offering rebate in fee to OQPP students who want to join the classroom courses of IES Master.

No, the fee of OQPP program has been kept very reasonable.

No, there would not be any concession in fee for current IES Master students of regular & weekend batches as the fee has been kept very reasonable.

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