Learn to Tackle Objective Questions in ESE and GATE through IES Master OQPP

A person generally dislikes answering tricky questions as they involve ambiguity, probability, proximity, overlapping answers, etc. However, for an engineering graduate who is aspiring for ESE and GATE tricky questions in the form of objective type questions are inevitable as objective questions only can help the examinee choose the right candidate by testing their technical knowledge and deep understanding of the subject.

To help students of Civil engineering stream, IES Master has come up with IES Master Objective Question Practice Program for the preparation of ESE, GATE, PSUs, State PSCs and other Engineering Exams.
Students can download the IES Master Android app to get the access to online demo Lecture to get an overview of the course.

Benefits of OQPP
The Objective Question Practice Program (OQPP) by IES Master has been designed and structured in such a manner that it is going to help those engineering students who are targeting ESE 2021 and GATE 2021 learn various methods to reach to the right answer while attempting objective questions. In addition, the OQPP program of IES Master is also going to help ESE and GATE aspirants in getting conceptual clarity on various important topics while building upon their time management skills.

In addition to all this, there are a number of other benefits that OQPP offers to an ESE or GATE aspirant. It is because of these benefits that this mode of distance learning and doubt clarification is one of the most favourable study options for students who are targeting ESE 2021 or GATE 2021 but are located remotely.

Here are some other benefits of IES Master OQPP.

Ability to deduce right answers: The teaching methodology of IES Master OQPP program involves rigorous hands on practice to build upon the ability to deduce right answers through critical thinking, lateral thinking, method of elimination, applied knowledge, reading in between lines, rule of time, and most importantly by giving you tips to stay calm and maintain composure till giving a final look.

Conceptual clarity on various important topics: Conceptual clarity of any important topic is very important to reach to the right conclusion or answer when there are many options for answers are given. Once the concepts related to any particular topic are clear then one can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. One of the prime objectives of OQPP is to help ESE and GATE aspirants learn the fundamental concepts related to various important topics rightly the very first time.

When concepts are learned right the first time, there is more time and mind-space to learn, revise and re-learn new things. The focus of subject experts at IES Master is on the depth of conceptual understanding rather than assimilating loads of content, and it is because of this only that learning to tackle objective questions through OQPP becomes stronger and long-lasting.

Subject-wise tests to analyse performance: Humans are quite well-known to not be perfectly the same. Even identical twins have some differences. It means, if we possess strengths, it also means that we have weaknesses. Keeping this in mind, OQPP program also offers subject-wise tests at a regular period of time to help the ESE and GATE aspirants determine their strengths and weaknesses, and know where they stand. The faculty at IES Master will help them get rid of their weaknesses, and improvise.

How to Register for OQPP
IES MASTER is offering flat 26 % discount on the program if you enroll on or before 31st May, 2020.
To take this online program, an ESE or GATE aspirant from civil engineering stream has to register now for OQPP. Students can also enroll this program through the IES Master Android app and can get access to the online demo Lecture to get an overview of the course.

OQPP also offers the ESE 2021 and GATE 2021 aspirants a chance to interact and be in constant touch with subject experts, professionals, and other like-minded students through the IES Master official Telegram group for doubt clarification and conceptual clarity. So, if you wish to plan your study schedule for GATE 2021 or ESE 2021 at your own pace and space, register today for IES Master OQPP. To know more in details about IES Master OQPP, contact IES Master Help Desk at 80100 09955, or drop a mail at info@iesmaster.org.

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