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  • ESE 2019 AIR-01

    “If it is Civil Engineering, it has to be IES Master… from the source material to structuring your preparation, and making you exam ready… IES Master does it like no other...”

    Abuzar Gaffari
    AIR 01, ESE 2019 (CE)

  • ESE 2019 AIR-03

    “Keep it simple, keep it straight… and if the driving force is IES Master, everything falls in place effortlessly.”

    AIR 03, ESE 2019 (CE)

  • ESE 2019 AIR-04

    “Firm concepts, and an eye for detail through IES Master programs was the game changer in helping me live this feat.”

    Aman Gulia
    AIR 04, ESE 2019 (CE)

  • ESE 2019 AIR-05

    “To the point and precise is what is desired by UPSC and delivered by IES Master in a customised exam-centric and student-friendly approach.”

    Ayush Chandra Dwivedi
    AIR 05, ESE 2019 (CE)

  • ESE 2019 AIR-06

    “The uniqueness of IES Master classroom is beyond words, and can only be experienced and felt by the one who lives through it.”

    Kabil Bhargava
    AIR 06, ESE 2019 (CE)

  • Sahil Goyal AIR 02, ESE 2019 (ME)

    “If self-belief and right feedback are the traits required to be an ESE ranker, IES Master embeds it right in your soul.”

    Sahil Goyal
    AIR 02, ESE 2019 (ME)

  • Saurav Kumar (ME) AIR-4 ESE 2019

    “Getting to the top of the number play and the psychological play of UPSC is an art perfected by IES Master.”

    Saurav Kumar
    AIR 04, ESE 2019 (ME)

  • Shambhavi Tripathi (EE) AIR-2 ESE 2019

    “Taming theunpredictability of ESE and building on the entire syllabus with presentation skills is what makes IES Master stand apart.”

    Shambhavi Tripathi
    AIR 02, ESE 2019 (EE)

  • Rajat Soni (ECE) AIR-1 ESE 2019

    “IES Master encapsulates the very idea of UPSC ESE exam in totality, across all the phases of this year-long competitive and a very intense exam.”

    Rajat Soni
    AIR 01, ESE 2019 (ECE)

  • Ankush Mangla (ECE) AIR-2 ESE 2019

    “IES Master helps you build psychological and mental endurance, pushing you to the very limits, from whereon ESE becomes just another exam.”

    Ankush Mangla
    AIR 02, ESE 2019 (ECE)

  • ESE 2016 AIR-01

    “IES Master helped me build speed and accuracy, and my doubts were very much attended by the experienced faculty. Kanchan Sir and team are simply amazing. The...”

    Vinay Prakash Sharma
    AIR 01, ESE 2018 (CE)

  • ESE 2018 AIR-02

    “The solutions of questions provided by IES Master helped me in clearing my doubts and increasing my knowledge. IES Master study material is quite....”

    Chirag Singla
    AIR 02, ESE 2018 (ME)

  • ESE 2016 AIR-01

    “The faculty in IES Master was very helpful. They helped me to build my concepts technically, and they cleared all my doubts even the silliest ...”

    Parveen Kumar
    AIR 03, ESE 2018 (CE) | AIR 05, GATE 2018 (CE)

  • Namit Jain, ESE 2017 AIR-01

    “The Regular Classroom program at IES Master consists of lectures delivered by competent faculty. You get your concepts cleared there itself, and the study material...”

    Namit Jain
    AIR 01, ESE 2017 (CE)

  • Ankit, ESE 2017 AIR-03

    “The Classroom Program of IES Master is excellent as it nurtures your basic concepts. The ESE Test Series i.e. Conventional Question Practice Program (CQPP) provides...”

    AIR-3 (CE), ESE-2017

  • Deepak Kr. Bhardwaj

    "I would like to give all the credit of my success to the expert coaching and guidance which I recieved at IES Master Institute"

    Deepak Kr. Bhardwaj
    AIR 02, ESE 2014

  • Ajay Singhal

    “My experience with the faculty at IES Master was very good. They understand your query, and give you the perfect solution. Also, while delivering lectures they ensure....”

    Ajay Singhal
    AIR-1, GATE 2020 (CE)

  • Sumit Dewda

    “IES Master has a thorough approach. In the classrooms, each and every student is given proper attention. The teachers are very helpful. Even though we ask doubts in between the....”

    Sumit Dewda
    AIR-1, GATE 2020 (CE)

  • Prakhar Singh

    “The concepts and short tricks taught by Kanchan Sir had helped me a lot. It is just because of the insights provided by him into the scoring subjects that I have achieve....”

    Prakhar Singh
    AIR-1, GATE 2019 (CE)

  • Avinash Jain

    “The teachers at IES Master are fantastic. They motivated me. Their way of teaching was very good. In a simple manner, you can easily understand difficult topics. The....”

    Avinash Jain
    AIR-2, GATE 2019 (CE)

  • ESE 2016 AIR-01

    “IES Master Test Series was really very good. It covered all the topics and concepts which are generally asked in GATE exam. It helped me in time management ...”

    AIR 01, GATE 2018 (CE)

  • ESE 2016 AIR-01

    “The faculty in IES Master was very helpful. They helped me to build my concepts technically, and they cleared all my doubts even the silliest ...”

    Parveen Kumar
    AIR 03, ESE 2018 (CE) | AIR 05, GATE 2018 (CE)

  • ESE 2016 AIR-01

    “I was a weekend batch student of IES Master. I would like to thank IES Master for their support and shaping my career, and being supportive in clearing my doubts...”

    Ashish Gupta
    AIR 08, GATE 2018 (CE)

  • ESE 2016 AIR-01

    “IES Master study material is very well structured and one of the best material. IES Master faculty has done an incredible job in ...”

    Vikram Garg
    AIR 09, GATE 2018 (CE)

  • GATE 2017 AIR-01

    “The Postal Program of IES Master is the best. It helped me a lot. I don’t think there can be any other program better than it.”

    Mridul Rakesh Mishra
    AIR 01, GATE 2017 (CE)

  • GATE 2017 AIR-02

    “I took the Postal Study program of IES Master which definitely helped me in scoring GATE Rank 2. The postal study material is very good...”

    Puneet Khanna
    AIR 02, GATE 2017 (CE)

  • Ajit Kumar AIR 5

    "I am very Thankful to IES Master under the Guidence of Director sir Kanchan Kumar Thakur."

    Ajit Kumar Palsania.
    AIR 05, GATE (CE) 2016

  • K.M.N.V.S Ravi Teja

    "The Emphasis in the Institute in towards understanding the concept and not mearly rote Learning, the Study Material....."

    K.M.N.V.S Ravi Teja
    AIR 04, GATE (CE) 2015

  • Vikash Ahlawat

    "It’s because of vast technical knowledge, immaculate & lucid teaching style and comprehensive covering of topic that...."

    Vikash Ahlawat
    AIR 01, GATE (CE) 2013

UPSC has released ESE 2020 Mains Admit card

Published on: September 24, 2020 IES Master

The UPSC has released ESE MAINS 2020 Admit card on 22nd September, 2020. Students can download the ESE 2020 ADMIT CARD directly from UPSC website. Following are the steps to be download the admit card..........

Assam AEn vacancies has been announced by APSC for (CE,ME,EE) in Irrigation and Public Health Department of Assam

Published on: August 24, 2020 IES Master

Assam AEn vacancies are announced by Assam public service commission through advertisement (ADVT NO. 06/2020). On 19th August, 2020 for Assistant engineers (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical) in Irrigation and Public health department...........

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