Conventional Question Practice Program (CQPP)
ESE 2022 Mains Exam

IES Master has designed a unique teaching methodology called CQPP (Conventional Question Practice Program) for the preparation of ESE 2022 Mains, and making the progress of students to the third stage of ESE i.e. Personality Test with good marks in a hassle-free manner. This unique methodology includes two test patterns to facilitate an ESE aspirant’s preparation:

  1. Conventional Classroom Practice Program
  2. Conventional Question Practice Test i.e. CQPT

The Conventional Classroom Practice Program is designed to help students in getting conceptual clarity on certain topics. In this program, the students are provided a booklet having two set of questions, each containing the concepts on which questions are generally being asked in the ESE Mains exam. By regular practice of the given questions, students can confidently solve all the questions asked in the exam. Of the two set of questions, one set is discussed in the classroom itself. While solving the questions, the students can clear their doubts in the class itself. The questions in the second set are meant for practicing at home by the students. Once all the questions are successfully solved by the students, a subject-wise test is conducted.

Students who have registered for the Conventional Classroom Practice Program can also enroll themselves in the Conventional Question Practice Test Program i.e. CQPT where they are provided with a schedule of tests. In this program, which is available in both modes i.e. Online and Offline, the students learn about new topics along with revising the topics that have been already covered by them. In each test, questions are asked based on certain important topics, and after one or two tests the topics that have already been covered, are again asked. This helps students in revising the topics while moving forward with the preparation of all the subjects.

Along with these two programs, by taking CQPP, the students can also benefit with the test and counselling sessions that help students in writing answers as per the standards set by the UPSC. The question selection ability of students also gets improved by taking the CQPP. To cap it all, on completion of CQPP, the students become experts in accuracy and time management skills that are very important in cracking the ESE Mains exam.

Note:- This Program is available through online mode.

Fee :
Complete Package
(Live Classes + Test Series)
Live Online Classes 17000+GST
Stream :CE
Duration : 250-300 Hrs
Mode : Live/Online Session
Validity : Till ESE 2022 Mains Exam
Batch-02 : 04 April, 2022
Batch-01 : 21 March, 2022

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Course Details

Streams Available CE
Course Duration 250-300 Hrs
Batch Start Date
Batch-02 : 04 April, 2022
( Note : The classes of Engineering Hydrology, Highway Engineering & Earthquake Engineering will be provided in recorded mode. )
Batch-01 : 21 March, 2022
Batch Timing 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Daily Class Duration Monday to Saturday
(4-6 Hrs Classes Daily)
Teaching Language Teaching terminologies will be in English language and for better explanation mixed language (English+Hindi) will be used while teaching.
Syllabus Covered All Syllabus will be covered as UPSC ESE 2022 Mains exam.
Course Validity Till ESE 2022 Mains Exam

Package Details

Package Package Name Stream Fee Enroll
1 Complete Package ( Classess + Test Series)
Available mode : Online
CE 20000 + GST (For Non IES Master Students)
17000 + GST (For Ex-IES Master Students*)
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2 Classes
Available mode : Online
CE 17000 + GST (For Non IES Master Students)
15000 + GST (For Ex-IES Master Students*)
13000 + GST (For Current IES Master Students**)
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3 Conventional Online Test series CE, ME, EE, ECE 2966.10 + GST (For All Students) Enroll Now
4 Conventional Offline Test series CE, ME, EE, ECE 3389.84 + GST (For All Students) Enroll Now
  • * Ex-IES Master Students (Enrolled in any program at IES Master)
  • ** Current-IES Master Students (Enrolled in session 2021-22 in classroom program/online course)

Note : Current IES Master students do not need to enroll in complete package or test series. They need to enroll for classes only (Package 2). Test series are absolutely free for them.

How to access conventional online test series?

To access conventional online test series, follow below steps:

  • Login to student zone
  • Go to "Conventional Exam" section in left side menu. Click "Online Tests"
  • Download QCAB (Question-Cum-Answer-Book).
  • Write your answer in QCAB Format for better practice and real feel of UPSC Mains otherwise you can write your answer in A4 paper also.
  • Scan all the pages of your answer sheet properly with clear visibility in a single PDF File.
  • Answer Sheet PDF file size should not exceed to 50 MB.
  • Upload your answer sheet before last date of submission.
  • Before final submission, View your uploaded answer sheet again whether it is OK or not. You can re-upload your answer sheet if you find any issue in your uploaded sheet.
  • Click on "Confirm to Evaluate" Button to submit your answer sheet.
  • Check carefully before submission your answer sheet as you can't upload the file again once submitted.
  • You can view the Solution only after submission of your answer sheet.
  • Once your answer sheet gets evaluated, you can view it in the same panel with your score.

Note: You can also access these test through IES Master Android app , login to app and click on Conventional Test Series icon and then click on Online Exam Tab. All the further process will remain same as mentiioned above.

Test series Schedule

Stream Start Date Total Tests Detailed Schedule
CE 10th April, 2022 17 Tests
(11 Mixed Topic wise tests + 6 full length tests)
ME 10th April, 2022 17 Tests
(11 Mixed Topic wise tests + 6 full length tests)
EE 10th April, 2022 17 Tests
(11 Mixed Topic wise tests + 6 full length tests)
ECE 10th April, 2022 17 Tests
(11 Mixed Topic wise tests + 6 full length tests)