1st Reward Top 5 Students from each stream

There would be 100% waiver on tuition fee for 5 students under this slab. In short, not a single penny would be charged as tuition fee..

2nd Reward Top 6-15 Students from each stream

The tuition fee of the next 10 students would be reduced by half. In other words, they would have to pay only 50% of the tuition fee.

3rd Reward Top 16-40 Students from each stream

Under this slab, 25 students next in line would have to pay only three-fourths of the tuition fee. It means a 25% discount on the tuition fee can be availed here.

4th Reward Top 41-100 Students from each stream

Final 60 students in the merit list would be eligible for 10% discount on the tuition fee.