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GATE & ESE Preparation requires a gradual evolution of aspirants and especially to those who are busy in other endeavors as well. Students have to take baby steps to get ready for exam fully because syllabus is so vast and demands unwavering focus from students. Taking cognizance of the fact, Two Year online course for GATE & ESE has been designed especially for the aspirants who are college going or are working professionals. This course can be helpful to start the preparation from scratch and thenreach up to the advance stage. College going students as well as working professionals always complains about the scarcity of time but with this course they can make themselves well equipped even if they are short of time. One thing which has been observed among students while they prepare for competitive exams that they lose track very early and then repent for unavailability of a mentor to give them hand holding support in middle of their exam preparatory journey but with this course they will get the opportunity to bring themselves back on track at regular intervals there will always be an opportunity to align their preparation as per the requirements of exam. This gradual process of learning &teaching would last for next 2 years. It can make every kind of aspirant to attempt the exam at their full capacity no matter how busy they are in pursuing other endeavors for e.g.if someone is going to college, then this course can help them in elevating there college preparation as well as cover the entire syllabus for GATE & ESEsimilarly working professionals can also hone in their skills because they have to dedicate only few hours daily to complete the lectures and minimum time to revise. This can be a game changer for all the aspirants especially to sophomores. It is advisable for preparing the study schedule according to the IES Master daily lectures schedule so that they can make themselves more efficient in discharging all of their commitments, be it college studies or their professional duties and can excel in this exam as well.

Fee : Rs.85,500 (Including GST)
Streams :CE
Duration : 1100-1200 Hrs
Mode : Live Session
Validity : Till ESE 2024 Exam
Batch-01 : 04 Jan, 2022

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Course Details

Streams Available Civil Engineering (CE)
Course Duration 1100-1200 hours (24 months)
Live Session Duration Monday to friday (3-4 hours daily)
Teachig Language Teaching terminologies will be in English language and for better explanation mixed language (English+Hindi) will be used while teaching.
Syllabus Covered All Technical and Non-Technical Subjects as per ESE 2024 Exam Syllabus.
Course Validity Till ESE 2024 Prelims Exam

Batch Details

Package Package Name Stream Fee Batch Name Start Date Batch Timing Enroll
1 ESE 2024 + GATE 2024
Live Online Course
Including GST
04 Jan, 2022 06:30 PM - 09:30 PM Enroll Now