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About IES Master

IES Master is the brainchild of Mr. Kanchan Kumar Thakur, an IIT Roorkee alumnus and an ex-IES officer. Established in the year 2011, IES Master stands out among other coaching institutes due to its unique teaching and preparation methodology for top engineering exams such as ESE, GATE and PSUs. The uniqueness of IES Master has enriched over the years due to Mr. Thakur's continuous involvement in teaching for the last 15 years along with his exposure to the practical fields.

The main objective of IES Master is to provide quality education to aspiring students with commitment in every possible manner that helps them to achieve their career objective. The unique teaching methodology is designed in such a way that the aspirants are involved in study and practice sessions with an exam-oriented approach rather than just following the curriculum. IES Master ensures that each and every session is conducted with utmost care, and every student who attends the classes learns the complete module with all possible techniques. The sole objective of each session is to extract the best out of students. The students also feel content about what they have learnt to perform better in various competitive examinations.

IES Master does not wield a magic wand to make an aspirant achieve success overnight. In fact, it is the effective problem solving techniques and consistent question practice sessions that instill the required confidence in students aspiring for top engineering competitive exams. This confidence in turn improves the potential of students in solving problems while writing the real exam.

In addition to the effective problem solving techniques and regular practice sessions, the bunch of question banks and comprehensive workbooks provided to students help them in getting a hands-on experience in solving questions during the real exams. Further, to help the students face the final stage of an exam’s selection process i.e. the interview panel, a team of experts is there to guide and improve their overall personality.

The conventional questions practice program, conducted by the institute on a regular basis, enables the students to experience the look and feel of exams before facing the real exams. Such mock tests help students improve their question selection ability, and perform their best in the real exams.

IES Master believes in its exam-oriented approach as it has helped many aspirants achieve their goals, and earned the reputation among engineering students as the most trusted brand for ESE, GATE and PSUs coaching and guidance.

About Director

IES Master, Institute of Engineers stands at top position in providing the best coaching for IES, GATE and PSUs examinations, because of the Director, Mr. Kanchan Kr. Thakur, who is a B-Tech graduate from the prestigious IIT Roorkee and an Ex IES. Apart from being an IITian and Ex IES, Mr. Kanchan has got additional professional credentials of teaching experience of 15 years. The viable blend of expertise in the subject and industry as well as in the teaching has brought IES Master, Institute of Engineers as the brainchild of him.

Mr. Kanchan, being an expert in the subject and industry, is very well acquainted with the requirements of the candidates, and being one and half decade experienced teacher, know how to impart the knowledge and skills. So, the Director is well aware of what the need is, and how it can be imparted to the aspirants to turn them into the professionals in the respective industries.

With plenty expertise in the subject and teaching, the director has designed the teaching methodology, which is unique and effective that made the institute to stand apart proudly from the regular numerous coaching institutes. The teaching methodology is more pertinent and suitable for the current talent acquisition requirements of the board examinations.

Mr. Kanchan, the director of IES Master, Institute of Engineers stands as a pioneer, who brought the unique and wonderful concept of coaching institutes for Engineers, all for guidance for Engineering students. The selfless guidance paved with firm commitment towards the Engineering students, enabled him to stand as the most respected person with higher esteem by the students. His present endeavour is now culminated as the brainchild, IES Master, Institute for Engineers.

Director's Message

“I am pleased and feel privileged to meet the new and fresh talent of the country. I welcome every engineering aspirant of IES, GATE and PSU, into the great world of IES Master, Institute for Engineers, where you love and enjoy to immerse yourself in the huge and deep world of technology.

I personally respect your goal to achieve the rank in IES or GATE examination and take your professional career further with highly respected positions. I understand the value of each and every effort you put, each and every minute you spend and each and every rupee you spend to achieve your goal. IES Master, Institute for Engineers can extract immense potential of your aptitude and can extend the level of your deserving potential, because we value your every effort”.

Why IES Master

IES Master stands one step ahead than you in getting you achieve the best rank in IES and GATE examinations, through providing all possible resources needed for the same.

  1. IES Master provides all study material necessary that include comprehensive workbooks along with the question banks, which cover all questions possibly appeared in your question paper of the competitive examination.
  2. IES Master provides the sources of learning and practicing the soft skills to the aspiring students, by conducting numerous test series and interviews.
  3. IES Master provides the environment to explore the problem solving ability to the aspiring students, though our conventional questions practice program that would transition the minds of the aspirants towards the actual exam-frame of IES and GATE.
  4. IES Master provides the micro level teaching and training to become expert in the problem solving through explanation of micro level step by step process of solving the problems.

Comprehensive Course Design

The initial step of course design is done successfully and effectively by the industry experts. IES Master has designed the course towards the complete and comprehensive preparation for the competitive examinations, like IES, GATE and PSUs. The syllabus is designed in an exhaustive manner to enable the students to meet the requirements of the students. Comprehensively designed course is taught with intensive approach applied for intensive learning. The course is designed and developed to enhance the ability of the aspirant, in terms of problem solving.

Resource Material

Resource material is designed based on the course designed. The complete resource material is designed by the experts in the industries and developed to cover right from the basics towards the highest contemporary aptitude and talent expectations of the examination boards. The entire resource material is designed to be accurate, precise, and exact with complete full proof.

Practice Programs

The resource material is put into practice in the practice programs. These practice programs mould you to fit into the frame of the respective examination you appear for. The practice program is designed with three hours of practice session, followed doubt clearance session with personal guidance.

Test Series & Random Evaluation

After the practice programs, the aspirant is taken to the next level by assessing the preparedness. The preparedness of the aspirant is assessed through the test series as well as the mock tests. These tests and results help you to match yourself against the standards, nature and orientation of the examinations, like GATE, IES, etc. Every aspirant is taken personal care during the test series, as it is the key point to calibre every candidate against the standards expected by the examination boards. In addition to the regular test series, random evaluation of the aspirant is done through random evaluation technique to assess the coverage capacity of the syllabus. It helps evaluate the development of the student can be keenly monitored and assessed by the respective faculty.

Every stage and every level of learning is considered as key learning point and every aspect is considered to be fulfilled with great care and completeness.

Our Success Story

In its journey of over half a decade, IES Master has witnessed monumental success, producing 1st rankers in both IES and GATE, almost every year since its inception in the year 2011.

We associate our success to our effective classroom programs clubbed with regular practice sessions that help in build-up of the problem-solving techniques and give our students the required confidence to perform better in the exam. IES Master ensures that every single student actively participates in the classroom and learns to execute the knowledge in all possible ways. Our methodology has proven highly effective in ensuring that the best comes out of every IES aspirant who enrols with us – all the while remaining content and confident about the lessons and learning.

The faculty at IES MASTER is the cream of the lot. A team that features alumnus of IITs, toppers of IES/GATE exams, with experience excessive of 10 years in teaching, we not only promise excellence in Engineering education, but cater it too!

Alongside its trainers, IES Master also takes pride in its study material that continues to be well-compounded and yet exam-oriented, and perfectly tailored to the IES and GATE exams. Once enrolled with IES Master, an IES aspirant can stay assured of being in the safe hands.

IES Master is committed to help its hardworking students achieve what they deserve – Success!

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